Tearaway Gets A Delightful Launch Trailer


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Have you been playing your PlayStation Vita lately? That's probably a no, but Sony thinks you'll want to dust off its handheld with the release of Tearaway this Friday.

To celebrate the impending launch of what may be the most delightful game of the year, Sony has released a launch trailer for Tearaway that's full of color, happiness and everything else that makes video games the unique medium that they are.

Sony notes that those who pre-order the title will receive a number of goodies to use throughout their adventure in the paper-filled world of Tearaway. The offer is good for all retail pre-orders or for those who buy a digital copy in the game's first week of release.

As an added bonus, Sony will also be releasing a free trial of Tearaway on Friday. Upon downloading the free trial, you'll be able to purchase the full version from within the game. It's a strategy that Sony hopes will convince people to buy one of the most creative video games to launch in 2013.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]