Tara Reid Offers Sneak Peek Of "Sharknado 2"


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If you loved Sharknado, get ready for the sequel because it's almost time for Sharknado 2.

Fans of the first movie have been anxiously awaiting the sequel since it was announced.

Sharknado 2 will air on the Syfy channel on July 30 and according to Syfy’s executive vice president Thomas Vitale, it will not disappoint viewers.

"Sharknado was an extraordinary ‘perfect storm’ which captured the attention of movie fans across the globe,” Vitale said after the sequel was announced. “You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about Sharknado! By reassembling the creative team–and dropping sharks onto New York’s iconic sites–we’re unleashing yet another ‘fin’ wave of shark-mania.”

A trailer for Sharknado 2 starring Ian Ziering was recently released, giving fans a sneak peak of what they can expect from the new movie. Reid did not appear in the trailer, but she did present it.

Sharnado 2 takes place in New York City. Reid and Ziering's characters soon find that the same weather system that brought the sharks in the first movie is back to wreak havoc on New York. Having survived a deadly sharknado before, they know that they are the only ones who can help save the city.

A variety of new characters show up in the sequel, and it is sure to deliver just as many laughs and questions as the first.

Part of the reason so many people love Sharknado is because it is so random and ridiculous. The bad acting and unlikely storyline makes it one of those movies you love to hate.

Sharknado will likely have the same effect on viewers and many people are hoping it is even better than the first.

What did you think of the Sharknado 2 sneak peek and are you ready to watch the full film when it airs on Syfy later this month?

Image via Wikimedia Commons