Tara Reid Gives Us "Sharknado 2" Preview

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Tara Reid and SyFy have teamed up to give us a sneak peek at the upcoming Sharknado sequel, and fans are impatiently awaiting the film's debut after the first movie exceeded expectations in the camp department.

“Sharknado was an extraordinary ‘perfect storm’ which captured the attention of movie fans across the globe,” Syfy’s executive vice president Thomas Vitale said after the sequel was announced. “You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about Sharknado! By reassembling the creative team–and dropping sharks onto New York’s iconic sites–we’re unleashing yet another ‘fin’ wave of shark-mania.”

The sequel takes us to New York, where a freak weather system has unleashed funnel clouds full of deadly sharks on the city and only April (Reid) and Fin (Ian Ziering) can save the day. The actors are joined by an unlikely group of celebrities this time around, including Matt Lauer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, and is that Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath I see in the trailer?

The original movie was an instant hit, due largely in part to word spreading on the internet about the extreme silliness. Twitter fairly blew up while it aired, and it was the most talked-about television event on Twitter, with 300,000 mentions on the social media site during the broadcast. Those involved with the film aren't sure if they can capture lightning in a bottle twice, but they're hoping that fans of the first film will tune in again.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring back the talent that made Sharknado a hit,” distributor Paul Bales said. “Can lightning strike twice? I don’t know, but it’s a scientific fact that you’re more likely to be killed by lightning than by a shark. This film will have lightning and sharks, so that’s got to count for something.”

Sharknado 2: The Second One will premiere on SyFy on July 30.

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