Taking A Look At The Cars of Grand Theft Auto 5


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Driving is an incredibly large portion of open world games. Drive to a checkpoint to pick up a certain objective and deliver it to another side of town; or pick up that passenger and keep them alive for a predetermined amount of time while trying to avoid various baddies trying to knock you off of the road. If you've played GrandTheftAutoSaintsRowJustCauseScarfaceTheGodfather, or something similar, you know exactly what I'm referring to.

Because of that particular feature, the design of the vehicles is an important detail. Granted, in these games, a much more arcade style of driving is present--as opposed to the realism found in Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport--but, performance still matters.

You can't outrun the cops in a hooptie, now can you?

Anyway, considering you'll be doing a lot of driving in the upcoming GTA V, information about the available cars can't be a bad thing. True, this information is available on the official site, but until Games HQ Media showed up, such a showcase wasn't available in video form:

If you've already visited the vehicles page on the GTA V site, you might have noticed Games HQ Media's video is awfully similar to Rockstar's Flash presentation. In fact, it looks like the Flash files were extracted into a video file and then a soundtrack was placed over top of it. While the creators give appropriate credit in the video's about page, if this was done without the approval of the Grand Theft Auto family, does this mean the video is infringing on Rockstar's content? With that in mind, would Square Enix approve of a such a video?

I'm also curious if these user-generated videos really add anything to the discussion? Perhaps if some in-game footage of the cars was included. Apparently, Games HQ Media doesn't have access to that content yet. It's not like there was a lot in the reveal trailer.