Takeru Kobayashi Completes the Gallon Challenge Like It's Nothing

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Some time, ten of fifteen years ago, people became obsessed with a few food-based challenges. I know, eating/drinking challenges have been around forever - but I'm talking about a certain few. The upper echelon of dumbassery, if you will.

Of course, you have the notorious cinnamon challenge. It's possible to complete, but it probably screws up your lungs. And it sucks. Really, really sucks. Then there's the legendary saltine cracker challenge, which involves eating a certain amount of the crackers in a minute without the aid of any beverage. Of course, the crackers turn into a paste that's simply unable to be swallowed by any normal human. It's possible, but tricky.

Then there's the gallon challenge. The grandaddy of all stupid, masochistic challenges. Of course, the gallon challenge involves drinking a gallon of (some type) of milk in and hour, followed by a period of "holding it down" (not throwing up) in order to successfully complete it. Search YouTube and you'll find countless videos of people trying, and mostly failing to win the gallon challenge.

Thanks the the stomach's capacity, stretch receptors, and milk's fat and protein composition, the gallon challenge is just too much for most people to handle.

Professional eating champion Takeru Kobayashi is not most people. I don't even think he's human. I mean, good lord just watch this video:

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