Taiwan Typhoon Hits, Two Casualties Reported


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Typhoon Usagi, reportedly the most powerful typhoon of the year, has battered coastal towns in the Philippines and Taiwan. Typhoon Usagi has weakened, with winds dropping from 150 mph to about 108 mph, but is still on the move. The typhoon is now approaching Hong Kong and has already claimed the lives of at least two people.

Around 3,000 people were evacuated from Taipei, Taiwan and close to 90,000 people are without electricity, thanks to Typhoon Usagi. According to Business Week, the winds currently sustained by Typhoon Usagi are equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane. That means that Typhoon Usagi is as powerful as Hurricane Manuel that battered Mexico and took the lives of at least 100 people this week.

Two deaths have been reported in the Philippines as a result of Typhoon Usagi. A 50-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman drowned when the boat they were in capsized on Friday. Two other people from the boat have been listed as missing. Since the Philippine towns in the path of the typhoon were evacuated prior to the storm striking, it is hopeful that the death toll won't climb. "Our people there know the drill, but we have also issued warnings to take safety precautions," Florencio Abad said. "We're praying it doesn't create death and destruction."

This area is no stranger to typhoons, as the Pacific typhoon season runs throughout the year. May through October is usually when the region sees the most typhoons, and the Philippines saw a typhoon touch ground just last month.

Twitter users are reporting of excessive rains, which could cause flooding and other problems.

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