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X (Twitter) May Become a Paid Site

The days of a free X (Twitter) may soon be over, with owner Elon Musk saying the company may start charging a monthly fee.

AWS IPv4 Stockpile Could Be Worth $4.5 Billion

AWS has been amassing a stockpile of IPv4 addresses, a stockpile that could now be worth a whopping $4.5 billion.

Amazon Announces ‘Prime Big Deal Days’ Event Dates

Amazon has announced the dates of its second Prime Day event of the year, with “Prime Big Deal Days” slated for October 10-11.

Elon Musk: ‘Overwhelming Consensus’ On AI Regulation

Elon Musk has offered details on a meeting between tech leaders and lawmakers, saying there was “overwhelming consensus” in favor of AI regulation.

Cisco Kills Off Its Hyperflex Hyperconverged Infrastructure Line

Cisco has killed off its Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure line of products, blaming a changing market.

Amazon Sellers Can Now Use Generative AI to Create Product Descriptions

Amazon continues to invest in generative AI, applying it to the task of creating product descriptions for sellers.

Microsoft Offers to Sell Activision Blizzard Cloud Streaming Rights to Ubisoft to Win UK Approval

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops and making a massive concession in an effort to win UK approval of its Activision Blizzard acquisition.

Navigating the Generative AI Surge in Creative Agencies

To stay ahead of the curve in the agency world, you’ll want to read on for the peer review: generative AI in agencies below.

UN Says AI Will Impact Clerical Jobs the Most

The UN has weighed in on the impact AI will have on the workforce, saying clerical jobs are the ones most at risk.

Amazon’s New Fire TV Channels App Brings 400+ Free Channels

Amazon has unveiled its Fire TV Channels app, giving customers access to 400+ free channels.

FBI & DOJ Investigating ByteDance & TikTok’s Surveillance of Journalists

As if TikTok’s problems couldn’t get any worse, the FBI and DOJ are investigating its parent company for surveilling Forbes journalists.

DOJ Sues eBay For Allegedly Selling Illegal Products

The Department of Justice has filed a suit against eBay, alleging the e-commerce site has sold and distributed restricted and illegal products.

Caught In the Middle: Apple Used Bing As Leverage In Google Search Deal

Microsoft was reportedly far more serious about Bing becoming the default search engine on the iPhone and Mac than Apple ever was.

It’s Official: Former Microsoft Exec Panos Panay Is Joining Amazon

After several days of speculation, Amazon has confirmed that former Microsoft executive Panos Panay is joining the company.

Lawmakers Want Info On Ford’s EV Battery Deal With China’s CATL

Lawmakers want to know more information regarding Ford’s EV battery deal with China’s CATL amid increasing tensions between the two countries.

CIA Is Working On Its Own Chatbot

The Central Intelligence Agency is working on its own chatbot, the latest evidence of the growing importance of AI developments.

Google Is Ditching Google Podcasts In Favor of YouTube Music

Google is killing off yet another product, Google Podcasts, with plans to move all podcast features to YouTube Music.

Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Heat Issues the Result of Design Choices

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has weighed in on the iPhone 15 Pro heat issues, saying the culprit is not the A17 Pro chip powering it.

FCC Formally Unveils Net Neutrality Proposal

As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has formerly announced a new net neutrality proposal.

Ford Pauses Work On Michigan EV Battery Plant

Ford has announced it is pausing work on a $3.5 billion Michigan EV battery plant, citing multiple factors for the decision.

The iPhone 15 Pro Has An Overheating Problem

The iPhone 15 Pro has an overheating problem that could spell trouble for Apple’s custom line of semiconductors.

Signal CEO: ‘AI Is a Surveillance Technology’

Signal CEO Meredith Whittaker doesn’t mince words about AI and privacy, saying the tech “is a surveillance technology.”

FCC Reportedly Poised to Reinstate Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission looks poised to reinstate net neutrality, a move that will be welcomed by many in the tech industry.

FTC and 17 States Sue Amazon For Alleged Antitrust Violations

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a widely expected lawsuit against Amazon over alleged antitrust violations.

4 Tips to Choose a Qualified Registered Agent for Your Business

Need some tips about choosing the right registered agent for your business? Read more in these helpful words below.

Gmail Is Killing Its Basic HTML View In January 2024

Users that rely on Gmail’s Basic HTML view should prepare for a change, with Google killing off the feature in January 2024.

Dave Limp, Former Amazon Exec, To Become Blue Origin CEO

Dave Limp, the 13-year Amazon veteran who recently resigned, has been tapped to take the top job at Blue Origin.

Getty Images Provides Customers An AI Image Copyright Guarantee

Getty Images is providing customers a guarantee that its AI-generated images are free of copyright art, even offering to pay customers’ legal bills if they get sued.

Spotify Is Testing Podcast ‘Voice Translation’

Spotify is piloting a major new feature, one that would translate podcasts into other languages — while still using the podcaster’s voice.

Amazon Announces Expanded Partnership With Anthropic In a Blow to Google

Amazon has announced an expanded partnership with Anthropic, the maker of the Claude AI, and will invest up to $4 billion.

FCC Tackles VoIP Robocall Spam

The FCC is cracking down on spam robocalls that use a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers to skirt regulation.

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