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5G To Enable Much Higher Performance Games, Says Zynga CEO
5G is going to be a real tailwind for growth in mobile, says Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau. It's going to enable much higher performance games. They're going...
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Yahoo Gives Developers New Video App Install Ads
Yahoo announced the launch of video app install ads for developers globally. They’re available through the company’s Gemini self-serve use...
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Bang with Friends, Zynga Settle Trademark Suit
Casual hook-up app Bang with Friends is probably not going to be called Bang with Friends for much longer, as it has reached a settlement with Zynga t...
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Zynga To Kill Off On September 30
OMGPOP is the poster child of the one-hit wonder in mobile gaming. After finding a hit with Draw Something, Zynga bought the developer and tried to st...
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Bang with Friends Sued by Zynga for Trademark Infringement
In you-totally-saw-this-coming news, Zynga has filed a lawsuit against Facebook-based sex app Bang with Friends. They claim that the name infringes up...
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A Humorous Take On Don Mattrick’s Move To Zynga
Is Microsoft’s loss of Don Mattrick be Zynga’s gain? Or will Mattrick suggest lesser versions of Zynga products if people aren’t abl...
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Xbox Boss Don Mattrick Is Leaving Microsoft For Zynga [Update: It’s Official]
UPDATE: It’s official. Zynga has just announced that Don Mattrick has joined the company as its new CEO. Founding CEO Mark Pincus will remain on...
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Candy Crush Saga Publisher Preparing For IPO
In the two months since its release on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga has quickly become the most-played game on the social network. With tens of millions...
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Ex-Zynga Employee Reveals All In Reddit AMA
As you’re probably aware of by now, Zynga laid off 520 employees this week. As part of that downsizing, a number of studios, including OMGPOP, w...
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Zynga Shuts Down Draw Something Developer OMGPOP
In March of last year, Zynga made one of its most high profile acquisitions in OMGPOP. The studio was responsible for Draw Something – one of th...
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Draw Something 2 Now Available On iOS, Coming To Android Soon
Zynga’s most high-profile acquisition of last year was OMGPOP and its game Draw Something. The game proved incredibly popular, but soon began to...
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Zynga Launches Real-Money Online Gambling In The UK
Zynga Poker is one of the game developers’ most popular titles, but it still doesn’t provide players with the ability to play with real mo...
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Zynga Moves To Further Detach Itself From Facebook
For the longest time, Zynga and Facebook were like two peas in a pod. That all started to unwind last year as Zynga moved to its own platform – ...
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Yahoo May Be In Talks To Buy Zynga [Rumor]
It’s no secret that Zynga is in trouble. The former giant of social gaming is now on the defensive as it lays off employees and closes studios a...
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Ex-Zynga Developers Start New Studio, Proletariat Inc.
A new studio founded by ex-Zynga employees today announced its official opening. The studio, named Proletariat Inc., has been working on an iOS game c...
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Zynga Closing Its Baltimore Studio, Other Locations Being Consolidated
I think Zynga learned its lesson about studio closures after it tried to sneakily layoff over 100 employees during an Apple event. Now the company is ...
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Draw Something Hits 100 Million Downloads
Around one year ago, Draw Something hit iOS and took the mobile gaming world by storm. The Pictionary-type game averaged one million downloads per day...
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Zynga Shutting Down CityVille 2, Other Titles To Cut Costs
Zynga released its Q4 and year end earnings yesterday, and the results weren’t exactly peachy. The company was able to increase it’s year-...
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Zynga Announces Q4 And Year End Results, Will Bring More Games To Mobile In 2013
After the beating Zynga took in 2012, nobody was really looking forward to its year end results. It was assumed that everything would be doom and gloo...
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Running with Friends Is Zynga’s New Temple Run-Like Social Game
Zynga has just released a new entry into their “with friends” game series, and it’s the first time that they’ve ventured into ...
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