Wowd Updates Social Search App For Facebook

Social search company Wowd, has released a new Web version of its service it says is focused exclusively on cutting through the clutter on Facebook and surfacing content that is the most relevant.

“We want to give people a simple tool they can really use – one that makes their online social lives easier,” said Mark Drummond, CEO of Wowd.

“We listen carefully to our users and do our best to incorporate their feedback whenever we can to ensure the best possible experience.”

Wowd Launches Social Search App For Facebook

Real-time search engine Wowd has released a free downloadable social discovery and search tool for Facebook aimed at cutting through the clutter and helping users find the most relevant information.

Wowd’s "Social Discovery Client for Facebook" offers users "at a glance" view of what’s trending among friends, customized news feeds by people or topics and the ability to block game spam.

Real-Time Search Engine Adds New Features

Real-time search engine Wowd, has introduced a real-time tag cloud and a real-time streaming feature to its search service.

The real-time tag cloud is based on hot topics customized to an individual’s search query. Wowd’s "Hot Topics" tag cloud offers a slice of the most popular topics online, including blogs, news, and the most discussed topics on Twitter.

Users can personalize their own tag cloud by downloading Wowd’s browser application or they can stick with a basic tag cloud based on the most popular pages people are visiting in real-time.