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Tag: World Health Organization

Facebook Financials ‘Adversely Affected’ By Coronavirus
Facebook is warning that its business is being “adversely affected” by the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe....
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Coronavirus: Trump Administration Bans Travel, Cargo From Europe
President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday evening, walking back comments he has previously made and unveiling sweeping measures to address the co...
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Coronavirus: Apple and Amazon Latest to Recommend Telecommuting
Apple and Amazon are among the latest companies to recommend their employees work from home due to the growing threat of the coronavirus....
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Zika Virus: World Health Organization Just Weeks Away from Test, Vaccine Still at Least 18 Months Away
The Zika virus has spread rapidly, with several cases now reported in the United States. The most dangerous to unborn babies, the Zika virus has insti...
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Sierra Leone: World Health Organization Declares African Country Free of Ebola
Sierra Leone was deemed free of Ebola by the World Health Organization on Saturday. This means the nation has passed two incubation periods–a to...
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Ebola in Mali: Virus Continues to Spread in West Africa
As the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations struggle to contain Ebola in West Africa, the virus is continuing to spread. The curren...
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17 Ebola Patients Escaped Quarantine Back in August
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the first cases of Ebola began to appear in the Liberian capital of Monrovia in mid-June. The WHO and...
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UK: Ebola Screening Comes to Heathrow
Even in countries not likely to be widely affected by Ebola people are beginning to worry about the growing outbreak of the disease. Tensions in the U...
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Swine Flu Epidemic Hits Australia
In 2009, the World Health Organization classified the H1N1 strain of influenza, more commonly referred to as swine flu, as a Phase 6 pandemic, the hig...
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Saudi Arabian Man Suspected of Having Ebola Dies
The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health said that a citizen of that country who died Wednesday in Jeddah is suspected of having contracted Ebola while on...
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China Bubonic Plague: City Quarantined, One Dead
In China bubonic plague has forced officials to quarantine parts of the city of Yumen, which is located in the northwestern portion of the country. A ...
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MERS Virus Surge Seen in the Middle East
In 2012, the world was first exposed to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, better known as MERS. The virus originated in Saudi Arabia, and al...
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West African Virus Death Toll Rises Above 80
West Africa is bracing itself for the worst outbreak of the Ebola virus in nearly a decade. CNN is reporting that the death toll has risen to 85 with ...
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Alzheimer’s Disease Could be Detected by Blood Test
Globally, 44 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, with 4.7 million of those living here in the United States. By 2050, that number wi...
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