California Bill Takes Aim at Amazon’s Warehouse Working Conditions

Amazon has been under increased scrutiny over its labor practices, but a California bill may finally do something about it.

Should Apple Take Responsibility For Concerns Over Its Chinese Labor Practices?

Apple, the company that’s considered to be many consumers’ favorite gadget maker, is under fire for what’s happening at its Foxconn factories in China. Aside from numerous reports of suicide and suicide attempts, in January, The New York Times revealed specific details about the working conditions in the factories, which sparked a lot of controversy over the tech company.

Foxconn Raises Worker Pay By Up To 25%

Apple’s manufacturing arm in China is making a PR push, saying on Friday that they have raised the wages of their workers by 16-25% this month. “As a top manufacturing company in China, the basic salary of junior workers in…

Chinese Working Conditions Give Apple a Rotten Spot

According to a recent article, Apple’s clean image has recently taken a hit after The New York Times reported about the conditions in which some of the factories of its Chinese network have been found. The employees building the iPad,…