Google Rethinks Its Plans to Open Offices

Google is pushing back its plans to reopen offices amid a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic.

Majority of Enterprise Will Keep Work-From-Home Options

Work-from-home is one of the biggest impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, and it appears its a change that is here to stay.

Digital Transformation Is More Important Than Ever, Says VMware CEO

In this environment, digital transformation is more important than ever, says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. If you think of it only a few percentages of employees worked from home before this (pandemic). Now it’s 97 percent.

Google Giving Employees $1,000 to Help Work From Home

Google has become the latest company to allow employees to work from home for the rest of the year, and promised to give them $1,000 to help.

Salesforce Will Allow Employees to Work From Home the Rest of the Year

Salesforce has become the latest company to extend its work from home (WFH) policy, allowing employees to do so through the rest of the year.

Twitter Employees Will Be Able to Work From Home Forever

Twitter employees working from home will be able to do so forever, as the company has no plans to require them to come back to the office.

Germany May Make Working From Home a Legal Right

German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil plans to put forth legislation that will make working from home a legal right, long after the coronavirus pandemic.

Zoom to Allow Paid Customers to Route Their Data

Beginning April 18, Zoom will allow paid subscribers to choose which region their data is routed through.

Coronavirus: U.S. Internet Can Handle Increased Work-From-Home Load

Experts are saying the U.S. internet should be able to handle the increased stress of millions of Americans working from home as a result of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: AT&T and Comcast Do Their Part to Help Telecommuters

AT&T and Comcast have both adjusted their home internet packages in an effort to assist Americans who will be telecommuting as a result of the coronavirus.