Salesforce CEO: We Are In A New Digital World

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, discusses how we are not living in the past or the future, we are living in the present. He says that the present is a new digital world in an all digital world.

CFO: End Of Pandemic Is Not A Threat To Zoom

Kelly Steckelberg, CFO of Zoom Video Communications, discusses the company’s massive growth over the last quarter and says that an end to the pandemic is not a threat to Zoom.

Proofpoint CEO: Working From Home Changes Face Of Work

This work from home economy is going to change the face of work. Security leaders and organizations are going to need to figure out how do you defend people when they are sitting at home working from their couch.

Cloud Is The Big Winner Of Work From Home Trend

Cloud, in general, has been a big winner as a result of the work-from-home trend says Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope. We’re one of those companies that have done well. AT&T was last quarter and then another big partner this quarter with CDW.

Dropbox CEO: Shift To Distributed Work Is Transformative

We see the shift to distributed work as transformative as the shift to cloud or mobile says Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. Our customers have turned to Dropbox for flexibility with work since the beginning and post-COVID we’ve seen an uptick in demand.

Facebook Employees Can Work From Home Through July 2021

Facebook joins the growing list of companies extending work from home policies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Google Extends Work From Home Through June 2021

CEO Sundar Pichai has informed employees that eligible jobs will continue remotely through June 2021.

Microsoft Beats Estimates, Powered by Strong Cloud Growth

Microsoft has announced its quarterly results, beating estimates as a result of its strong cloud growth.

Amazon Extends Work From Home Policy

Amazon has extended its work from home policy, as the pandemic continues to pick up throughout the country.

Google Rethinks Its Plans to Open Offices

Google is pushing back its plans to reopen offices amid a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic.