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Tag: Woody Allen

“Hannah Montana:” Is Miley Cyrus Considering A Reunion Show?
Hannah Montana starred Miley Cyrus and her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. The show was Miley’s big break in the entertainment industry. E!...
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Bruce Willis Replaced by Steve Carell in New Woody Allen Movie–Was He Fired?
Bruce Willis was recently replaced by Steve Carell in a current Woody Allen film already in production. There is some confusion about the reason Willi...
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Woody Allen Film About Older Man and Younger Woman: Close To Home?
Woody Allen’s latest film, Irrational Man, is about an older man and a younger woman. Emma Stone stars as an undergrad who falls for her older p...
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Emma Stone Plays Much Younger Love Interest in Woody Allen Film. Again.
Woody Allen is so smitten with Emma Stone, he can’t say enough. “Her allure is everything: She’s beautiful, she’s bright, she&...
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Parker Posey of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Remembers Late Director Nora Ephron
Parker Posey, an incredible actress known for her role in You’ve Got Mail, took some time Thursday to remember the director of the film, Nora Ep...
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Emma Stone: Scene In “Irrational Man” Made Her Mother Laugh And It’s Not The One You’d Think
Emma Stone has once again taken up with Woody Allen for his latest film, Irrational Man. The film follows a philosophy professor, played by Joaquin Ph...
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Emma Stone Rumored To Be In Negotiations To Sing In ‘Whiplash’ Director’s New Musical ‘La La Land’
Emma Stone is rumored to be in negotiations to star in Whiplash director, Damien Chazelle’s musical, La La Land, and quite possibly with Ryan Goslin...
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Nancy Sinatra Denies Rumors That Dad Frank Sinatra Is Father To Mia Farrow’s Son, Calling The Claim ‘Nonsense’
Nancy Sinatra is denying allegations that her late father, crooner Frank Sinatra, is the biological father of Mia Farrow’s son Ronan Farrow, cal...
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Mariel Hemingway Claims Woody Allen Made Romantic Overtures to Her When She Was a Teen
Mariel Hemingway is claiming that director Woody Allen made overtures to her when she was 18, inviting her to take a romantic getaway to Paris. In a m...
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Woody Allen Heads to Amazon for First-Ever TV Series
Amazon Studios and Woody Allen have just announced a partnership that will see the acclaimed filmmaker write and direct his first-ever TV series. It d...
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Mia Farrow Accused Woody Allen Of Child Molestation But He Remained Unaffected
After facing a social media firestorm this year sparked by allegations he molested his adopted daughter, director Woody Allen remains unaffected. He r...
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Woody Allen Talks Mia Farrow, Death and No God
Acclaimed director Woody Allen had a lot to say recently about Mia Farrow, death and his belief that there is “no God” and “no magic...
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Emma Stone, Colin Firth Dish on Working With Their Mutual Idol — Woody Allen
Emma Stone and Colin Firth, 53, may be decades apart in age, but they’ve shared a common dream — to work with director Woody Allen. Now that t...
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Scarlett Johansson Says No Sex Symbol Title For Her
Whether she’s playing a sexy character in one of Woody Allen’s films like Match Point, or whether she’s kicking butt in action flick...
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Theo James is Great Kisser According to Divergent Co-Star Shailene Woodley
Theo James is a great kisser, according to Shailene Woodley who stars alongside him in the much-anticipated movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s ...
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Scarlett Johansson Takes Dylan Farrow To Task
Ever since Dylan Farrow’s open letter to Woody Allen was published in The New York Times, the reaction has been all over the place, as some have...
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Academy Awards 2014: Will Blanchett Thank Allen?
Cate Blanchett is not a lock to win Best Actress at tonight’s 86th Annual Academy Awards ceremony. However, the Australian actress has been pick...
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Woody Allen Responds To Molestation Accusations
Woody Allen asked last week to be allowed to respond to adopted daughter Dylan Farrow’s claims that he molested her in a public forum, and on Fr...
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Woody Allen Responds to Molestation Allegations
Woody Allen, the famed film director and one-time lover of actress Mia Farrow, published an op-ed in Friday’s edition of The New York Times resp...
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Woody Allen Finally Responds to Abuse Claims
Woody Allen doesn’t attend award shows and rarely gives interviews. However, the normally shy, reserved 78-year-old film director cannot stay qu...
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