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Salesforce Faces Employee Backlash Over NFT Plans
Salesforce employees are pushing back against the company's plan to create an NFT platform....
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Wikipedia the Latest to Face Pressure to Stop Accepting Crypto
Pressure is mounting on Wikipedia to stop accepting crypto, amid criticism of its environmental impact....
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Wikimedia Enterprise Seeks to Turn Big Tech Into Paying Customers
Wikimedia is looking to turn Big Tech into paying Wikipedia customers with the creation of Wikimedia Enterprise....
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Wikimedia Works On Search Improvements, Says It’s Not Competing with Google [Updated]
Note: This article has been updated with clarification directly from The Wikimedia Foundation. It would appear that there is a new search engine from ...
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Wikipedia Is Bitching About Media Coverage
English Wikipedia administrator Robert Fernandez just published a blog post on the official Wikimedia blog complaining about Wikipedia / WikimediaR...
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Study Finds Wikipedia Still Outperforms Google Properties in Google
Last month, there were a number of reports about a significant drop in Wikipedia’s Google traffic. A report from SimilarWeb found that Google &#...
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Russia Bans Wikipedia Over Drug Article, Promptly Reverses Course After Edits
Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (basically its internet watchdog) ha...
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Google Algorithm Gets Mysterious Jolt
Google changes its algorithm constantly, so an update is hardly newsworthy unless it causes major changes. Something pretty big apparently happened wi...
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Wikipedia Lists Ten Most Edited Pages Of 2014
Earlier this month, the Wikimedia Foundation released its first-ever annual video looking back at the year in Wikipedia edits. The video gave us a gla...
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Here’s What 2014 Looked Like On Wikipedia
It’s that time of year. Everybody’s putting out their year-end round-ups. Sometimes they come in the form of lists. Sometimes they’r...
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Wikipedia Mobile Apps Get Nearby Feature
Last year, Wikipedia added “nearby” functionality to its desktop and mobile sites to let users find interesting content about subjects rel...
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Wikipedia Banks $140,000 in Bitcoin Donations in First Week
The Wikimedia Foundation lives on donations – that’s how you can read the Wikipedia entry on World of Warcraft and not be bombarded with ads f...
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Wikipedia Shows Content Google ‘Forgets’
It was recently reported that Google is removing links to Wikipedia articles from search results in Europe thanks to the new “right to be forgot...
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Wikipedia Articles Not Exempt From ‘Right To Be Forgotten’
Okay, if this thing wasn’t already getting out of hand (it was), it certainly is now. A Wikipedia link is reportedly being removed from Google s...
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Wikipedia Donations Can Now Be Made in Bitcoin
If you’ve been putting off donating to the Wikimedia Foundation, waiting to do so in a cryptocurrency, today’s the day. The Wikimedia Foun...
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Wikipedia Wins One Battle Against Black Hat Paid Editing
The Wikimedia Foundation announced that it successfully obtained orders preventing four sites, which advertise paid Wikipedia article editing, from us...
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Wikipedia Gets A Revamp On Tablets
The Wikimedia Foundation unveiled a new look for Wikipedia and its other properties for tablets. There are similarities to the mobile web version you&...
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Will Policy Changes Make Wikipedia More Trustworthy?
The Wikimedia Foundation announced changes to its terms of service to address the problem of black hat paid editing of content such as Wikipedia artic...
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Lila Tretikov Replaces Sue Gardner As Executive Director Of Wikimedia Foundation
It’s been over thirteen months since Sue Gardner announced that she’d step down as the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, the...
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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Calls Bullsh*t on Alt-Medicine Petitioners
If you look up “Emotional Freedom Techniques” on Wikipedia, you’ll see that it is “is generally characterized as pseudoscience...
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