Wikipedia Moves To Ashburn, Virginia

The Wikimedia Foundation announced today that it is transitioning its main technical operations from a data center in Tampa to one in Ashburn, Virginia, in move it says will improve the technical performance and reliability for all its sites, including…

Wikimedia Foundation Launches Wikivoyage Travel Guide

The Wikimedia Foundation has launched Wikivoyage, which brings a Wikipedia-like element to travel. It’s a free travel guide, which is freely editable, and was built by volunteers. Naturally, it has a very Wikipedia-like look and feel: While it is a…

There Are Now Over 15 Million Media Files In Wikimedia Commons

The WIkimedia Foundation announced that on December 4, Wikimedia Commons, the organization’s free media repository, hit a 15 million media file milestone. There are now over 15 million pictures, videos and audio files, and the 15 millionth one shows Tropical…

Wikipedia Goes Down: Internet Freaks Out

Update: Wikipedia now appears to be back in working order. Either way, this was quite a reminder of just how much the Internet has come to rely on Wikipedia. What a scare! As Cinderella once said, “You don’t know what…

Wikipedia Registers 11 New Domain Names

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, has just registered 11 new domain names in the past day. Usually moves like this indicate upcoming projects, especially because Wikipedia does not have a history of regularly registering new domain names.…

Wikimedia Foundation Now Officially Off Of GoDaddy

The Wikimedia Foundation announced that all of its sites have been migrated away from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor. The transition was completed on Friday, and the foundation it was done so without interruption to services. Wikimedia began talking about leaving GoDaddy…

FBI Picks a Fight with Wikipedia

This week, the New York Times and BBC News both reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has sent the Wikimedia Foundatation a letter, ordering the removal of an image of the Bureau’s seal from its Wikipedia entry. The Wikimedia Foundation’s response thus far has basically  been, "no."

Wikipedia Gives New Interface to Nine More Languages

Update: The new design is now being made available for nine more langauges:  Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese

Will Wikipedia’s New Changes Boost Editing?

A couple weeks ago, I attended a session at SXSW Interactive, in which USC Professor of Journalism Andrew Lih talked at length about the declining rate of Wikpedia entry editing. A large part of the problem, as Lih presented it, is that the editorial process itself has become much more complex and confusing over time.

Google Gives $2 Million To Wikimedia Foundation

Courtesy of Google, the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation has received a significant gift.  Google donated $2 million to the organization, which is responsible for keeping Wikipedia up and running.

Mitch Kapor, who’s on the Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation, announced the contribution late yesterday on Twitter.  Jimmy Wales followed up soon after with a tweet of his own soon after.