Volkswagen and STMicro Partner to Design New Automotive Semiconductors

Volkwagen and STMicro are working together to design new semiconductors for automobiles in a bid to ease the chip shortage.

Volkswagen CEO: ‘I’m Not Sure Apple Will Bring Cars to Market’

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess cast doubt on Apple’s car plans, questioning whether the company really plans to bring a model to market.

Volkswagen May Have Bitten Off More Than It Can Chew in Race With Tesla

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is now admitting his goal of toppling Tesla as the world’s number one electric vehicle (EV) automaker by 2025 may be a bit ambitious.

Volkwagen Preparing to Take On Tesla, Defend Its Home Turf

Volkswagen is preparing to defend its home turf, ramping up electric vehicle (EV) production to take on Tesla in Germany.

Volkswagen Truck Unit Cannibalizing Chips From Finished Trucks

Volkswagen’s truck unit, Traton Group, is taking chips from unfinished vehicles to finish others, a new indication of the impact of the semiconductor shortage.

Data Breach Impacts 3.3 Million VW Customers in North America

Volkswagen has disclosed a data breach with one of its vendors, impacting some 3.3 million North American customers and prospective buyers.

VW Aims to Be the Next EV Battery Powerhouse

Volkswagen has unveiled its plans for the future, and it’s clear the automaker plans on being an electric vehicle (EV) battery powerhouse.

Volkswagen Chooses Microsoft Azure to Accelerate Autonomous Driving

Volkswagen has announced it is partnering with Microsoft to use Azure to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

Electric F-150 Battery Supply Endangered by Import Dispute

Batteries for the electric F-150 may be in short supply due to an import dispute involving the Korean supplier Ford is using.

Toyota Partners With Aurora and Denso to Develop Autonomous Vehicles

Toyota is partnering with Aurora and Denso to develop autonomous vehicles, rather than going it alone.

Volkswagen Developing Autonomous Driving Software In-House

As automakers around the world partner up with leading tech companies, Volkswagen is taking a different approach, developing its autonomous software in-house.

Volkswagen Offers First Glimpse of Mobile Charging Robot

Volkswagen has provided the first glimpse of a mobile charging robot, designed to provide autonomous vehicle charging.

VW Group Increasing Its Investment in Future Tech

VW Group has announced it is increasing its investment in future tech to a total of 73 billion euros ($86 billion) over the next five years.

Volkswagen Experiencing Software Issues and Delays With ID.3

Volkswagen is having trouble with the software in its all-electric ID.3, leading to delivery delays.

VW Switching to High-Nickel Batteries

Volkswagen is set to significantly increase the amount of nickel in its electric vehicle batteries.

Cars Will Be The Most Relevant Internet Devices, Says Volkswagen CEO

My view is that cars are becoming the most relevant units on the internet, says Volkswagen CEO Herber Diess. Cars are becoming devices. They are fully connected. Data streams into the car and out of the car will be much higher than with smartphones.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Making a Movie About the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio, a prominent environmentalist, is taking the Volkswagen emissions scandal to the big screen. The scandal is less than a month old, but DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way has acquired the rights to a book about it. The book…

Electric Cars: Volkswagen Takes On Tesla

Electric cars are still a relatively new market without a lot of competition. For the past few years, all the buzz has surrounded Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors. Now Volkswagen wants in on it. Bloomberg is reporting that Volkswagen has bought…

Volkswagen Passat, Beetle Go Fuel-Efficient

Volkswagen this week announced its 2015 car model lineup. The company is continuing to iterate past models while introducing what could very well be the future of the company. Some of the most popular Volkswagen models will remain largely the…

Small SUVs Are Leading Spring Auto Sales

This year’s spring auto sales season is off to a good start, with new a Autodata Corp. report showing that nearly 1.4 million motor vehicles were sold in the U.S. during April. This represents an 8% increase in sales from…