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Tag: vitamins

How To Find Trustworthy Supplements on Amazon
One of the largest businesses in the world, Amazon, makes up 77% of all supplement sales online. This percent is larger than the five biggest vitamin ...
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Vitamin D Not As Beneficial As Once Thought
Many people swear by vitamins and take them every day. Others only take them when they feel like they need to or are looking for certain benefits. Alt...
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New Study to Examine Vitamin D, Diabetes Prevention Link
The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced that a new clinical trial to research vitamin D’s role in diabetes prevention has b...
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Stroke Risk Cut by Vitamin B, Shows Study
A new study published recently in the journal Neurology has shown that vitamin B supplements could help cut the risk of stroke. The study found that v...
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Multivitamins, Blueberries Could Complicate Late-Stage Cancer Treatment
Noble Prize recipient James Watson this month published a proposal stating that antioxidants, such as those found in blueberries or multivitamin suppl...
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Insulin Release-Improving Vitamin D Could Prevent Clogged Arteries in Diabetics
A new study shows that diabetics who get an adequate amount of vitamin D are less likely to have their blood vessels clog. Those who do not get enough...
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Multivitamins Don’t Reduce Heart Disease Risk, Says Study
A new study has found that daily multivitamin use does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in men. The findings were presented this week at ...
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Don Lapre, Famous Internet Marketer Commits Suicide
Don Lapre was a famous and infamous internet marketer who committed suicide over the weekend while waiting in jail for his trial. Lapre had been arres...
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