Gamers Embark on Sonic the Hedghog Marathon For Charity

For those of you who think playing video games is mindless fun and has the potential to offer tons of time-wasting opportunities, well, you’re right; but, there’s also a lot of good that can come from it, especially if it’s…

Charlie Sheen: Crazy, Savvy, or Both?

So the consensus from everyone, including people in Hollywood and regular folks, is Charlie Sheen has gone around the bend. However, the more I take in the Charlie Sheen social media experience, I’m beginning to think there’s some savvy to go along with the insanity.

Inside the Google Phonebooth, Apple Refuses to Show “Green” Rank

Today seems to be redesign day. Digg began rolling out its new redesign to all users (follow us here). MySpace introduced a redesign to profiles. In addition to these, UStream unveiled its own redesign with changes to the homepage as well as the dashboard.

Murdoch Voices Excitement with Tablets

Rupert Murdoch is excited about tablets. The Guardian has a piece quoting him as calling them "a perfect platform" for cheap and convenient, up-to-date News Corp. content. He says the company has "tens of thousands of readers" through apps for the Wall Street Journal, the Times and the Australian.