Google Universal Search Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To

The appearance of Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in search results grew by 118% throughout last year, according to a new study by Searchmetrics. The study also found that video results are blended into 55% of keyword search results ‒…

Looks Like Google Is Showing Shopping Results Less These Days

Searchmetrics has put out a white paper analyzing Google’s use of Universal Search results for its various vertical offerings, finding a “dramatic reduction” in the number and proportion of shopping integrations displayed in results during 2012. The reduction, according to…

Video and Images Dominate Google Universal Search Results

Searchmetrics has released a new study showing how universal search can help marketers in search visibility. This certainly isn’t a groundbreaking concept. We’ve discussed this plenty in the past, but the firm shares universal search data, which it has used…

Google Suggest For Mobile Gets Universal Answers

More so than when a nice, big keyboard is at hand, every moment and character counts when someone is trying to search using a smartphone.   It’s rather significant, then, that universal search features have been introduced to Google Suggest for mobile.

Conversions Rely on Usability of Both Search Engines and Your Site

WebProNews talked to a lot of interesting people at Search Engine Strategies in New York this week, and one theme that ran through more than one of these conversations was the relationship between user attention and usability and how this relates to search marketing.

Note: There is plenty more useful information in the videos embedded in this article than the points I have referenced. I suggest watching the interviews in their entirety for some helpful advice.

As SERPs Get More Complicated, Focus on Relevant Elements

At SES Chicago last year, Yahoo VP of Consumer Products, Larry Cornett suggested that blended search results bring businesses a broader range of SEO opportunities, a chance to take control of their brand, and a potential increase in qualified clicks. While these blended results can tend to divert users away from organic listings, as SEO Dave Naylor pointed out at that same conference, Cornett does have a point.