Dell Shuts Down Russia Operations

Dell is the latest company to shut down its operations in Russia in response to that country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Threatens Fragile Semiconductor Supply

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, experts are concerned the conflict could significantly impact the semiconductor supply chain.

Google Deploys Air Raid Alerts on Android to Help Ukrainians

Google is deploying an Air Raid Alerts system for Android users in Ukraine, in an effort to help them stay safe.

Visa and Mastercard Suspend Russia Business

Visa and Mastercard are the latest, and two of the most influential, companies to suspend operations in Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Apple Suspends Business in Russia in Response to Russian Invasion

Apple has joined other companies in imposing its own sanctions against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Twitter Adding Warning Labels to Russian Propaganda Posts

Twitter is working to combat Russian propaganda, adding warning labels to tweets linked to such propaganda in the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Some Google Maps Features Disabled in Ukraine Over Security Concerns

Google has taken the unusual step of disabling some features in Google Maps for Ukraine, likely out of concern Russian forces could use it in their invasion.

T-Mobile Offering Free US/Ukraine Calls For Those Impacted By The Conflict

T-Mobile is offering free calls between the US and Ukraine, in an effort to help those impacted by the conflict.

Human Barbie Strangled Outside Home In Ukraine

Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the “Human Barbie,” was allegedly attacked outside of her home in Ukraine when she returned to her house on Halloween night. According to the Daily Mail, Lukyanova was entering the lock code on her door…

Lolita Richi And The Misguided Human Barbie Trend

It seems like every time your turn around there’s a new “Human Barbie” aka someone who for some reason has made it their mission in life to look like a walking, talking plastic child’s toy. Well, it takes all kinds…

David Duchovny Defends Russian Beer Ad

Actor David Duchovny recently defended a controversial Russian beer commercial he stars in, telling TMZ that he does not support Russian policy of late, especially the invasion of Ukraine. In the Sibirskaia Korona ad, which runs over two minutes long,…

Hayden Panettiere Pregnant: What Does It Mean for Nashville Season 3?

Hayden Panettiere is reportedly pregnant with her first child. On Wednesday, US Weekly broke the news that Panettiere and fiancé Wladimir Klitschko are expecting a baby, quoting a source as saying that “Hayden is totally pregnant!” Panettiere hasn’t confirmed the…

Hayden Panettiere is Pregnant with Her First Child

Hayden Panettiere is pregnant! A source revealed to Us Weekly that the Nashville star and her fiancé, Wladimire Klitschko, are expecting their first child. “Hayden is totally pregnant!” said the source. The Heroes star and her fiancé have had an…

Russian Bombers Seen Flying Over Crimea Ahead Of Putin’s Visit

Russian bombers used to cause little concern when seen flying. After all, it was probably just the Russian military performing some training exercises. With the conflict in the Ukraine, however, Russian bombers have now taken on an entirely new meaning…

Russian Bombers Spotted Around Dutch, UK Airspace

Russian bombers are apparently not all that an uncommon sight in Europe. Under normal conditions, nobody would really care if the Russian military came a little too close to a European nation’s airspace. Unfortunately, the world’s relationship with Russia is…

Hayden Panettiere Not Asked to Appear in ‘Heroes’ Reboot

Hayden Panettiere recently told Cosmopolitan that she hasn’t been asked to appear in the upcoming Heroes reboot. “Well, it was a shock to me, and, in fact, I believe I became privy to that through my cousin,” Panettiere said. “She…

Ukraine and Russia Make Plans to Ease Tensions

Thursday morning, a four-party meeting was held in Geneva between the United States, the European Union, Russia, and Ukraine, with the intention being to create a plan which would lead to decreased overall hostilities between Ukraine and Russia and the…

Ukraine Anti-Terror Campaign Begins in East Region

On Tuesday, acting president of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov surprised many by following-up on his ultimatum laid down against Russian sympathizers in Eastern Ukraine on Sunday. The deadline for Russian supporters to lay down their arms and submit peacefully expired at…

Ukraine Crisis Deepens: Occupation, Sanctions and Troops on the Border

Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted last week to resolve the issue once and for all, the Ukraine crisis continues to see developments for the worse. Russian separatists have held control over several government buildings in the Ukraine for…

Wladimir Klitschko Preparing For April 26th

Later this month in Oberhausen, Germany, Wladimir Klitschko will be defending his title against Alex Leapai. Klitschko was in Austria to talk about his upcoming fight and opponent. Many view the Samoan-Australian as the underdog, including Klitschko, and it’s understandable.…