AT&T Takes on Google With Austin Fiber Network

AT&T today announced that it will, for sure, be installing 1 Gigabit fiber network in Austin, Texas. The company had announced in April that it intended to expand U-verse to the city. AT&T is currently deploying the network and intends…

Usage Cap And Overage Fees Coming for AT&T DSL and U-Verse Internet

News is beginning to circulate that AT&T will implement a 150GB monthly cap on landline DSL, as well as a 250GB cap on subscribers to U-Verse beginning on May 2. Will this affect you and your Internet usage? Let us…

AT&T Launches iPhone App for U-Verse

AT&T has launched a U-Verse iPhone app, which gives U-verse subscribers the ability to download and watch TV shows on their phones.

The company says it is the first to provide an integrated mobile app that lets you manage your DVR and download/watch select shows. The app replaces the Mobile Remote Access for iPhone app.