Blog Services: The Good & The Bad Of 2011

One of the hallmarks of the Internet experience in 2011 is the towering amount of blogs that are out there, waiting to be read by any online flaneur with some time to kill. The nice thing about blogs is that…

Six Apart Acquires NaturalPath Media

Six Apart, the company behind TypePad, has announced the acquisition of NaturalPath Media, an online ad/media network geared toward "sustainable, healthy, and conscious lifestyles." Some of its more popular sites include:,, and

TyepPad Turns Blog Comments Into Ads

Six Apart has launched an interesting new feature for blogs (not just TypePad blogs, but all platforms), which injects sponsored comments into conversations on the blogs. TypePad works with "leading voices" in a given category to come up with questions that are syndicated to "influential" bloggers, who post their answers on their blogs.