Online Advertising Reached $26 Billion In

The economic meltdown hit the U.S. advertising market harder than expected, with overall revenue falling from $77 billion in 2008 to $67 billion in 2009, according to a new report from the Yankee Group.

The report "2009 Advertising Forecast Update: Less TV, More Internet," found the majority of the decline was due to TV advertising, which dipped from $52 billion in 2008 to just $41 billion in 2009.

Internet Use Surpasses TV Viewing In Canada

For the first time ever weekly Internet usage of online Canadians has surpassed the number of hours spent watching television, according to a new report by Ipsos Reid.

Over all online Canadians are now spending more than 18 hours a week online, compared to 16.9 hours watching television. Internet usage is up from 14.9 hours last year. The number of hours watching television also increased in the last year, rising from 15.8 hours.

Americans Increase Use Of Internet And TV Together

Americans upped their overall media usage and multitasking in the fourth quarter of 2009, according to Nielsen’s latest Three Screen Report.

In the last quarter of 2009, simultaneous use of the Internet while watching TV reached three and a half hours a month, up 35 percent from the previous quarter. Nearly 60 percent of TV viewers now use the Internet once a month while watching TV.

Is the Future of TV Advertising Dependent on Search?

The Wall Street Journal has the Blogosphere abuzz with rumors of Google testing a new set-top box with Dish Network, which would allow people to search television and online video content like YouTube. Google has given the usual "we don’t comment on rumor or speculation" statement on the subject.

Missing Growing Pains Actor Andrew Koenig’s Body Found

Update: Tragically, Koenig’s body was found in Stanley Park in Vancouver. His father Walter Koenig reportedly said in a press conference, "Our son took his own life. He was obviously in a lot of pain."

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Online TV Shows May Get More Ad-Heavy

For the most part, online video has been much less ad-heavy than television programming. It is this very fact that has likely been a large part of the medium’s popularity. Things may be changing, however.

According to Advertising Age, Nielsen is planning on making data available about the viewing of commercials that run in particular shows , whether they are viewed on TV or online. The data would start being available in September, and the publication says it will become the basis for ad negotiations next February.

Online Video Viewing Soared In 2009

The media sector performed well in 2009, recovering $200 billion of value, or 63 percent of what it lost in 2008, online content providers and distributors made up more than half of these gains, according to a new report by consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

Google Launches Cost-Per-Call Tracking for TV Ads

Google has launched a new feature for Google TV Ads, which lets advertisers automatically receive cost-per-call data through the service for TV campaigns that utilize Google supplied toll-free phone numbers. Google says the feature is designed to give TV advertisers access to richer performance data, which allows more effective optimization based on real-time call data.