WSJ: Tripadvisor Adopting Hybrid Work Model

Tripadvisor CFO, Ernst Teunissen says that the company is going to hold the line on adding back costs. Trip Advisor reduced expenditures by a staggering 32 percent in 2020 as governments worldwide banned and restricted travel.

Internet Companies Launch Initiative In Support of Section 230

Some of the most prominent internet companies have formed the Internet Works coalition to promote Section 230, a key internet law. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives companies immunity for content users upload or post on their sites.…

TripAdvisor Acquires SinglePlatform to Help Restaurants Enhance Experience

TripAdvisor has announced the acquisition of SinglePlatform from its parent company, Endurance International Group. SinglePlatform works with restaurants to help them publish and manage their menus online, as well as other pertinent information, such as their hours of operation and…

Tool Claims To Show Google Search Bias

As recently reported, Yelp has formed a coalition (not entirely unlike the FairSearch Coalition) with other Google critics/competitors Consumer Watchdog, Jameda, HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor, and Fight for the Future. The group launched the site Focus on the User, which comes with…

Google Rivals Launch ‘Focus On The User’ Site

Another group of Google rival companies (separate from FairSearch) has sprung up with a new site aimed at shaping the EU opinion on Google’s business practices when it comes to competition. The site is called “Focus on the User,” and…

Bing Partners With TripAdvisor To Offer Hotel Info, Reviews In Search Results

Before you leave on any trip, it’s probably wise to search for hotels ahead of time. You might even want to book a room while you’re at it. It was already easy enough to do so with the numerous online…

TripAdvisor Acquires Flight Info App GateGuru

TripAdvisor announced today that it has acquired mobile flight info resource GateGuru for an undisclosed price. GateGuru, which has apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, includes information about flights, detailed itineraries, airport info, amenity information, maps, airport tips, rental…

TripAdvisor Launches Review Express Email Marketing Tool

TripAdvisor has a new service for businesses called Review Express, which sends bulk emails to customers on said businesses’ behalf. While some have raised spam-related concerns about the product, as far as we can tell, it basically operates like other…

TripAdvisor Complains To EU About Google Ahead Of Antitrust Decision

Does this headline sound familiar? It should, because it’s exactly the same as the one I used in an article a few days ago, except for the first word. Last time, it was Expedia filing a complaint. Now, it’s TripAdvisor.…

TripAdvisor and Facebook Team Up to Help You Plan the Trip of Your Dreams

TripAdvisor has been teaming up with Facebook to help millions of travelers plan the best trip of their life by featuring recommendations from their FB friends. The decision was based off of a Nielsen research study,”U.S. Advertising Spend and Effectiveness,”…

iPad 3 Rumor: Retina Display Proving A Challenge For Manufacturers

We’ve been hearing rumors for months that the next generation of the iPad is going to sport a super-high resolution, amazingly dense Retina Display, similar to what graces the iPhone 4S. And the fact that this will exist on a…

TripAdvisor’s Email List Breached

TripAdvisor, one of the top travel review websites around, released a statement today that warns its members of a security breach that allowed the theft of a portion of their email list.  How large of a portion they don’t say,…

TripAdvisor Adds Street View To iPad App

TripAdvisor has added a new virtual tours feature to its iPad app using augmented reality technology.

The new feature allows users to take a virtual tour to travel destinations with local places superimposed over Google’s Street View. Users can view hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

TripAdvisor Introduces Airline Ratings To Flight Search

TripAdvisor said today it has introduced airline ratings to its flight search engine.

The new feature allows users to view feedback on airline experiences from other fliers and offer their own airline ratings.




Facebook Gets New Instant Personalization Partner in TripAdvisor

Facebook announced today that it has partnered with TripAdvisor to bring "Instant Personalization" to the travel site. The integration will allow TripAdvisor users to tap into their friends’ travel experiences while planning their own trips. 

If a user is logged into Facebook, they can see friends’ reviews and access a map showing places where friends have visited, as well as a list of their most popular destinations. 

TripAdvisor Goes Social With Facebook

TripAdvisor has introduced "TripAdvisor Trip Friends" feature, which allows users to get advice from their Facebook friends about planning their next vacation.

When researching a destination, hotel, attraction or restaurant on TripAdvisor, users who have logged in using Facebook will now see a list of friends who have been to that location, via TripAdvisor Cities I’ve Visited (CIV) application on Facebook.

TripAdvisor Launches New iPhone App

Online travel website TripAdvisor has launched a new TripAdvisor iPhone application, available on Apple’s App Store.

The free applications allow users to search for popular hotels, restaurants, attractions and cheap airfares. The application is available in 13 languages, giving users a localized experience on TripAdvisor.

"Our iPhone app gives people in 20 countries and 13 languages a new way to access the more than 35 million traveler reviews and opinions available on TripAdvisor," said Steve Kaufer, founder and CEO of TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor Moves Mobile Site Out Of Beta

Travel review site TripAdvisor said today it has officially launched its mobile website.

The TripAdvisor mobile website is now available in 17 countries and 11 different languages. The beta version of the mobile site attracted more than one million unique monthly visitors.

On TripAdvisor’s mobile site, users can find nearby restaurants, hotels, attractions and directions to them via smartphones with GPS capabilities. Users can also post reviews and opinions while traveling.