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Tag: Time Warner Cable

Charter Ends Petition to Get Government Approval For Data Caps
Charter is ending its petition to get government approvals for imposing broadband data limits on customers....
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Time Warner Cable’s New Ad Strategy: Poke Fun at Crappy Customer Service
A few years ago, Domino’s Pizza started talking about how much Domino’s Pizza sucked. That sort of ad campaign – the we know we suck but...
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Time Warner Cable Owes Woman $229,500 for Nonstop Robocalls
Depending on which survey you look at, Time Warner Cable is either the most-despised or second most-despised company in America. It’s tough to p...
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Now Charter Communications Is Going To Buy Time Warner Cable
Now that Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable has fallen apart, Charter Communications has swooped in to attempt an acquisition of TWC. In...
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Comcast’s Final Tally on Failed Time Warner Cable Deal: $336 Million
Comcast spent $336 million to not acquire Time Warner Cable. In the company’s Q1 earnings report, it reported $99 in “transaction” c...
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Time Warner Cable Already Has Another Suitor
The dead Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal is still warm, but Time Warner Cable already has a potential buyer who isn’t wasting any time in going a...
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Netflix Was a Big Part of Why Regulators Hated Comcast/TWC Merger
By now you’ve probably heard that Comcast has abandoned its push to acquire Time Warner Cable, due to looming concerns that both the Department ...
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Comcast / Time Warner Cable Merger Is Dead, Officially
It’s official. Comcast has announced it has abandoned its efforts to acquire Time Warner Cable, in a deal that would’ve been valued at aro...
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Comcast Is Giving Up on Its TWC Deal: Report
Comcast is planning to kill its proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable before the feds can kill it first. Bloomberg is quoting sources who say that...
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Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken Among Six Senators Urging a Swift Death for the Comcast/Time Warner Merger
In a letter addressed to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Attorney General Eric Holder, six Senators are urging the blockage...
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Comcast, TWC Will Meet with Regulators to Try to Save Deal
With their proposed merger on shaky ground, representatives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable are planning to meet with Justice Department officials ...
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Regulators Ready to Kill Comcast / TWC Merger: Report
One of the regulatory agencies looking over the proposed Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger may be about to give it the thumbs down, citing concerns o...
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Charter to Buy Bright House for $10.4B, As Fourth-Largest Cable Provider Snatches Up Sixth
Good Tuesday, everyone. Here’s some news you’re sure to love, if cable companies consolidating is your thing. Charter Communications has a...
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Hey Time Warner Cable, You Can Call Me Whatever You Like
I have Time Warner Cable and high-speed (lol) internet. If anyone from the billing department is listening, I just wanted to let you know that if you ...
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‘Dear C*nt Martinez’ Writes Time Warner Cable in Letter to Customer
If cable companies weren’t so cartoonishly evil, they’d be really, really funny. Time Warner Cable, in an obvious attempt to show the FCC ...
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Comcast, Time Warner Cable Still the Most-Despised Companies in America
As we prepare to transition from 2014 to 2015, Comcast and Time Warner Cable – two companies attempting to merge – are still the best at being the...
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Americans Still Hate Cable Companies More Than Everything
YouGov recently asked 9,000 people a simple question about 1,200 different brands in 43 different sectors – Are you a satisfied customer? They then ...
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Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger Gets Thumbs Up from Shareholders
The shareholders of two of the most-hated companies in America have approved their merger. According to Bloomberg, “more than 99 percent of shar...
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Netflix to FCC: Say No to Comcast / Time Warner Cable Merger
Netflix, clearly unhappy with the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger from the outset, has finally made their concerns official with a petition ...
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Comcast & Time Warner Cable Pass Time Awaiting Merger Approval by Helping Give Award to FCC Commissioner
Do you pay a lot for cable and internet? Neat, me too. Check this out. You’ve probably never heard of it, but The Walter Kaitz Foundation is a d...
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