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Jon Stewart Secret White House Meetings: What Happened?
Jon Stewart has been twice summoned to the White House to meet with President Barack Obama. Is Stewart a Liberal operative, using his show as a base o...
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Amy Schumer Explains Why She Turned Down “The Daily Show” Gig
Amy Schumer was offered the job to take over The Daily Show when Jon Stewart leaves. But, Amy Schumer said no. Why? Too many blazers. Well, okay, that...
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Amy Schumer Explains Why She Turned Down ‘The Daily Show’
Amy Schumer has confirmed that she was asked to take over for Jon Stewart after he leaves The Daily Show, saying she didn’t feel as if the posit...
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‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart: No Jokes, Talks Charleston Church Shooting
The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart became serious in a rare moment on Thursday. A somber mood overtook both the host and the show as Stewart spent fiv...
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Samantha Bee Lauded by Jon Stewart in Lengthy Goodbye
Samantha Bee has been a correspondent on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show for 12 years, and Stewart knew that her years on the show–and the countl...
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Jon Stewart NFL Rant A Thing Of Epic Beauty
It can be hard to inject humor the right way into topics that are gravely serious. Somehow Jon Stewart manages to do this, and do it better than most....
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Glassholes Agreed to Be on The Daily Show, For Some Reason
They couldn’t have thought this was going to be anything but a masterful trolling, right? “Yes it seems, even in this day and age, you can...
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Greta Van Susteren Criticizes Jon Stewart After Benghazi Coverage
Commentator and TV show host Greta Van Susteren is criticizing Jon Stewart after his recent comment on Fox’s Benghazi Coverage. On The Daily Show ...
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Jon Stewart Compares CNN To Old Man With Metal Detector
Jon Stewart doesn’t mince words when it comes time to take on the media, particularly with news channels and their coverage of certain topics. I...
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Jon Stewart Expected More From New Jersey, Chris Christie
Daily Show host Jon Stewart is upset about the recent “Bridgeghazi” or “Bridgegate” scandal, but probably not for why you woul...
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Creator Of ‘The Square,’ Netflix’s First Major Documentary, Was On The Daily Show
Jehane Noujaim, the documentarian behind The Square, appeared on The Daily Show this week in an interview with Jon Stewart: The Daily Show Get More: D...
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John Oliver Leaving The Daily Show, Coming to HBO Sunday Nights
John Oliver’s star is rising, thanks to a truly great 7-year run on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now, he’s saying goodbye to the show ...
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Patrick Stewart Explains That Amazing Lobster Costume Tweet
Sir Patrick Stewart’s recently foray into social media has proven something that we all thought was impossible – that Sir Patrick Stewart ...
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“The Daily Show” Gives Us A New Kind Of Sexy Halloween Costume
“The Daily Show” didn’t pull any punches recently when evaluating the latest Halloween costumes for women; as Senior Women’s I...
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Kathleen Sebelius Gets Roasted By Jon Stewart
Kathleen Sebelius is the Health and Human Services Secretary, and as a result of Obamacare recently going into effect, she has been put on the hot sea...
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Jon Stewart Takes On Government Shutdown
Jon Stewart has some very strong opinions on the government shutdown and what it might mean for us all, and the video of his segment on “The Dai...
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Morgan Freeman Talks Theoretical Physics on the Daily Show
Morgan Freeman stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Thursday night, and luckily he stayed alert and attentive. Though there to promote his new f...
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Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly Talk Fox News, IRS, and More
Fox News host Bill O’Reilly made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday night to promote his new book, and the two provided ...
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Jon Stewart: Replacement Host Begins In June
Jon Stewart is set to take a break from “The Daily Show” in order to direct his first feature film, “Rosewater”, and the show ...
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Jon Stewart Isn’t Surprised About Vine and Porn
Twitter’s six-second video-sharing app Vine launched with a bit of a porn problem. Vine scurried around and quickly turned the porn problem into...
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