Android And Texting: What’s Popular in The Mobile Phone World

The latest metrics for the mobile phone industry have hit the wires, and there are some surprises from the comScore’s findings. That being said, there are also reveals that come without any surprise, whatsoever — especially when you consider the…

WordPress Launches Text Message Features

Wordpress has announced the launch of Text Messaging. Users can text 77377 (PRESS) to manage their blogs using SMS messages.

There are free features as well as upgrade features available. For free, users can receive text notifications when users are added or removed, when the theme changes, and/or when the privacy settings change. 

ChaCha CEO: We’ll Drop T-Mobile if They Implement the “Twitter Tax”

Update: Gibbs is now reporting that T-Mobile’s move only affects messaging aggregators "that serve as kind of a middleman" between businesses and carriers. Companies with direct ties to T-Mobile ( a group that includes Facebook and Twitter) will reportedly not be affected.