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Facebook Now Lets You Tag Your Kids, Organize Their Photos in a Scrapbook
Accepting that its site is now at least 50 percent photos of kids, Facebook is finally letting you tag your kids in said photos. If you’re a par...
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Imgur Uses Tagging To Improve Search Experience
Imgur just announced some new search and discovery features, which pull what it says is the best and most relevant content out for each user on a pers...
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You Can Now Tag People in Instagram Photos
You have always been able to tag users in Instagram posts, but two weeks ago Instagram announced that soon, you would be able to tag people in the pho...
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Instagram Finally Gets People Tagging with ‘Photos of You’
Instagram is borrowing another feature from Facebook today, as they are rolling out true people tagging for both iOS and Android. With the updated app...
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Instagram Now Converts @ Mentions to the Correct Twitter Handle
Instagram has just solved an ultimate first world problem. But first world or not, it was pretty annoying and this is an excellent fix. What if you @m...
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Facebook Helps Ichthyologist Crowdsource His Research
Facebook has just released the second installment of their “Facebook Stories” initiative, and this one involves an ichthyologist and how h...
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Malware Is Now Going Around Posting Pictures Of You On Facebook
If you have a lot of friends and spend time with said friends, you are probably tagged a lot in their photos. Facebook, being the courteous social net...
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Posting Someone’s Photo To Facebook Without Permission Is Rude, Says Majority
I’m sure plenty of you know the feeling: You wake up after a night of partying a little too hard and the first thing that you think (other than ...
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Does Picasa Tagging Violate Your Google+ Privacy?
Google+ is really concerned about privacy, or at least, that’s the approach Google takes. When new users sign up, Google has a number of “...
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Billionaire Makes His Mark on Google Maps
Pranking Google Maps is nothing knew, however, this may be the first time a “prank” was motivated solely by vanity. What we have is a Shei...
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Facebook Rolls Out Page Tagging in Photos
Starting Today, Facebook users can tag pages in their photos. Previously, only friends were able to be tagged and linked to within photos. A certain p...
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