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Susan Sarandon Says Many In Hollywood Support Bernie Sanders, But Are “Afraid To Come Out”
Susan Sarandon is tired of celebrities, who are Bernie Sanders supporters, not using the platforms they’ve been given to throw some love his way...
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Eva Amurri and Mom Susan Sarandon Bare Cleavage and Midriffs at SAG Awards
Eva Amurri and Susan Sarandon likely had people saying, “Like mother, like daughter,” at the SAG Awards on Saturday evening. Both ladies s...
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Susan Sarandon Calls Bernie Sanders “Untainted,” Calls Hillary Clinton a “Follower”
Susan Sarandon is stumping for Bernie Sanders in Iowa this week, insisting he’s the only choice for Americans. The actress and liberal activist ...
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Victoria Justice Cast as Janet Weiss in Fox’s Remake of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
Victoria Justice has been cast in the role of Janet Weiss in Fox’s upcoming remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Justice’s role was played...
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Geena Davis Cast as Jon Hamm’s Daughter, Anticipates Next Year’s “Thelma & Louise” 25th Anniversary, Wants “Beetlejuice” Sequel
Geena Davis has at least temporarily traded archery for acting. Returning to the big screen in an indie film called Marjorie Prime, Davis–at 59&...
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Elle Fanning Plays Transgender Teen in ‘About Ray’
Elle Fanning played one of her hardest, most complex roles yet in a film that premieres on September 18. Called About Ray, Fanning plays a transgender...
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Eva Amurri: Susan Sarandon’s Daughter Loses Baby After Miscarriage
Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, revealed she lost her second child after a miscarriage. She shared the devastating news on her blog Happy...
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Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon’s Daughter, Suffers Miscarriage
Eva Amurri Martino, the daughter of actress Susan Sarandon, has suffered a miscarraige and shared the news with her fans on Saturday. The actress lost...
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Susan Sarandon Fails To Delay Death Penalty For Man Convicted Of Murder In Oklahoma
Oklahoma governor, Mary Fallin, is not planning to delay the execution of a man convicted of murder despite claims by anti-death penalty advocates tha...
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Susan Sarandon Believes World Will Be Better If Marijuana Is Legal
If Susan Sarandon has her way, weed would be legal in every state. One of the most outspoken proponents of marijuana, Sarandon believes that marijuana...
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Justin Bieber Takes on Action Bronson, and Wins
Justin Bieber can sing. He even plays the drums and the guitar, too. And he makes many a young girl (no longer Selena Gomez, sadly) swoon. But did you...
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Geena Davis To Mark “Thelma & Louise” Anniversary
Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon are going to mark the upcoming 25th anniversary of their iconic film, Thelma & Louise, but they’re not quite...
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Maureen O’Hara, Harry Belafonte Receive Honorary Oscars in Front of Star-Studded Audience.
Maureen O’Hara and Harry Belafonte were awarded honorary Academy Awards Saturday night in front of a star-studded audience at the Governor’...
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Kathy Bates Outs Susan Sarandon As A Pothead On TV
On the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kathy Bates was asked a series of tricky questions and may have bitten off more than she could chew....
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Susan Sarandon to Portray Marilyn Monroe’s Mentally Ill Mother in Lifetime Miniseries
Susan Sarandon will be channeling Marilyn Monroe‘s mentally ill mother in an upcoming Lifetime miniseries. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sa...
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Susan Sarandon on Instant Fame, Social Media Feeding Frenzy and the Need for Legalized Marijuana
Susan Sarandon has to be one of the most authentically outspoken actresses around. In a recent in-depth interview with the Hollywood Reporter for the ...
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Susan Sarandon Is Now A Grandmother, Once Told She Could Never Bear Children
At 67 years old, veteran actress Susan Sarandon has become a grandmother for the first time. Sarandon’s daughter gave birth on August 9 to a baby gi...
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Susan Sarandon Welcomes Her First Grandchild, A Girl Named Marlowe
Susan Sarandon is a grandma for the first time! According to a rep for the actress, Eva Amurri, the daughter of Sarandon with Italian director Franco ...
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Richard Gere Survived Homelessness, But Can’t Find A Buyer For Hampton Home
Richard Gere is just wrapping up his movie, Time Out of Mind, in which he plays a homeless man. He’s been doing such a good job, that people hav...
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Kathy Bates Likens Melissa McCarthy to Lucille Ball
Kathy Bates has been around the Hollywood scene for some time and has seen actresses come and go. But she sees something very different and unique abo...
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