Microsoft Working On ‘Sweeping Visual Rejuvenation of Windows’

Microsoft is planning to implement a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows” in an effort to make the operating system (OS) more relevant than ever.

Microsoft Designing ARM Chip For Azure and Surface

Microsoft is reportedly developing its own line of ARM-based chips for use in Azure servers and, possibly, Surface devices.

Microsoft May Have Been Right About Thunderbolt Amid Security Concerns

A researcher has discovered seven critical security vulnerabilities with Thunderbolt that impact Windows, Linux and, to a lesser extent, macOS.

Microsoft Blames Security For Lack of Thunderbolt, Removable RAM on Surface Devices

Microsoft has blamed an unlikely target for Surface devices not having Thunderbolt ports or removable RAM: security.

Microsoft and NFL Expand Partnership, Focus on Surface and Teams

Microsoft and the NFL have announced an expansion of their partnership aimed at helping the league improve its efficiency, collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Reorganization Combines Windows Client and Surface Teams

ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft has reorganized, combining its Windows Client and Surface teams, effective February 25. The new team will be called Windows + Devices and will report to Chief Product Officer Panos Panay. The move formalizes a workflow…

Microsoft Spent Four Times More Promoting The Surface Than Apple Did The iPad

According to MSPoweruser, Microsoft has spent four times promoting the Surface than Apple has the iPad. Since the iPad’s release in 2010, Apple has dominated the tablet market. In spite of that, Microsoft has been trying to make inroads in…

Microsoft Announces Dual-Screen Surface Duo—Powered by Android!

Those who have been around tech for more than a decade remember the “good old days” when Microsoft was ruthlessly protective of its intellectual property, its platforms, its ecosystem. In fact, it was so protective that it was eventually sued…

CNN Talking Heads Use Product-Placed Surface Tablets As iPad Stands

Once again, Microsoft is having a hard time controlling the variables of its product placement. You may have been watching CNN’s election coverage last night. If so, you may have seen a bunch of shiny, new Microsoft Surface Pro 3…

NFL Announcers Keep Calling Microsoft’s Product-Placed Surface Tablets ‘iPads’

Oftentimes, a brand can become so ubiquitous that people stop thinking of it as a brand of a specific product, and instead begin to associate the brand as inherent to said specific product. You probably do it all the time…