If It’s a Streaming War We’d Like To Be an Arms Dealer, Says IAC CEO

“If it’s a streaming war we’d like to be an arms dealer,” says IAC CEO Joey Levin. “We want to send the product and services to people who are making video. Everywhere people interact they’re expecting video now. It used to be text, then it was images, and now it’s video.”

All of Broadcasting Is In Danger From Streaming, Says Barry Diller

“It’s all of broadcasting that’s in danger because of what’s happened with streaming and with other services in that the only people who are willing to watch commercials are people that can’t afford to buy the goods being sold,” says media mogul Barry Diller. “That’s an existential long-term issue.”

Idaho Blaze Threatens Sun Valley and Surrounding Landscape

A fire screaming through the Idaho. Officials say hundreds of people have fled the inferno leaving the landscape virtually deserted displacing residents of more than 2,000 homes. For nearly two weeks,19 aircrafts along with more than 1,000 firefighters have fought…