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Tag: subreddits

Reddit Wants No Part of the Next Fappening
Last year, hundreds of nude images of celebrities were stolen off the cloud and passed around various internet channels including 4chan and reddit. Th...
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‘Front Page Of The Internet’ Draws From Twice As Many Topics
Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” announced today that it is doubling the number of default subreddits (sections) ...
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Reddit Gets New Default Subreddits, Boots r/atheism & r/politics
Reddit has just announced that they are changing up the default subreddits – the ones you see on the front page when you’re logged out or ...
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Reddit Launches Multireddits Beta, Wants You to Make Your Own Front Page
Reddit is taking a small “evolutionary step” today, with the launch of multireddits in beta. Of course, reddit users know that you’v...
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Technology Subreddit Goes Dark In Protest Of CISPA
Last year, all of Reddit went dark in protest of SOPA. It doesn’t look like the site will be doing it again for CISPA, but one of its more popul...
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Teacher Accused of Posting Suggestive Photos of Minors on Reddit’s “Creepshots” Subreddit
On a site that relies on user-submitted content, there’s bound to be some areas that the general public finds distasteful, perverted, or even cr...
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Reddit Launches Bus Tour to “Promote the Open Internet”
Emboldened by the part it played in combating the SOPA legislation earlier this year with an “internet blackout,” Reddit has officially an...
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Reddit Traffic Stats Show Huge Subreddits
Even if you’re only going by Alexa’s numbers, it’s clear is a huge site that garners a ton of traffic on a daily basis. J...
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EFF Thanks Reddit For Increased Donations
This week on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) Deeplinks blog, the organization put out a special thank you to redditors and friends fo...
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Reddit: No Sexual Content Featuring Minors
Reddit has made an announcement concerning a topic that has hounded the online community for some time now – as of Sunday, they are adding a new...
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Reddit Shuts Down Controversial /r/jailbait Subreddit
If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, let me attempt to explain it to you in the simplest of terms: Reddit is an online community built around the...
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