Amazon Outage Casts Shadow Over Cloud Perception

Amazon recently suffered some problems with some of its servers, which left some sites with large hiccups in their services. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service had some issues, primarily in Virginia. Among the sites affected were Foursquare, Quora, Reddit,…

Apple iCloud on the Way?

A new report from GigaOm, cites a “tipster” as saying that Apple has purchased the domain from Xcerion, which just changed the name of its own iCloud service to CloudMe at According to the tipster, Apple bought the…

DropBox User-base up to 25 Million

DropBox announced some impressive numbers today. The service is claiming over 25 million users and 200 million files saved per day. If you’re unfamiliar wtih Dropbox, it’s a srevice that ltes you upload documents, photos, and videos, and share them…

mSpot Prepared to Battle with Amazon, Google, and Apple in Streaming Music

Amazon made huge waves when it unveiled its new Cloud Drive and Cloud Player offerings, which give users 5GB of free storage for their music. One of the companies immediately impacted by this, would be mSpot, which offers a very…

Amazon Cloud Drive Launched for Music Storage, Player for Web and Android

Amazon announced the launch of a new set of cloud music services in Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web, and Amazon Cloud Player for Android. As you may have guessed, these let users store music in the cloud…

Dell Appears to Lose 3PAR to HP

Update 2: It looks like Dell has lost the bidding war for 3PAR after all. The company issued a release saying it has ended discussions and will recieve a $72 million break-up fee from 3PAR. This comes after 3PAR accepted an increased bid from HP of $2.4 billion.

Gmail and Picasa Storage Can Be Used for Any File

Google recently announced that it was launching a new feature for Google Docs, which would allow users to upload and store any kind of file. What may not have been clear, however, is that this new storage from Google isn’t limited to just Google Docs.

The company is saying that Gmail and Picasa storage can also be used. Google Docs Product Marketing Manager Peter Harbison writes:

The World’s Smallest USB Drive and Portable Hard Drive

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas wrapped up this past weekend, but the experience will be felt throughout the year as the companies that demonstrated upcoming products release those products to the world. One of the companies presenting at the event was Verbatim, and they have some new portable data devices on the way.

WebProNews got a look at some of the company’s upcoming offerings, which can be viewed in the following clip:

Enterprises Seeing Increased Complexity at Data Centers

Symantec has put together its "State of the Data Center" report, which is the product of a survey of 573 businesses in 26 countries.