AWS Network Firewall Unveiled to Help Protect VPCs

AWS has unveiled the AWS Network Firewall in an effort to help customers protect their cloud-based virtual networks.

Splunk CEO: Every Company Needs A Data Czar

Doug Merritt, CEO of Splunk, discusses how big data has spurred the need for every enterprise company is ultimately going to need a Data Czar.

Coronavirus “Social Distancing” Feeds Digital Transformation Movement

“When I think out over the next two or three years, and even the next few months with coronavirus, it feeds into this whole digital transformation movement,” says Splunk CEO Doug Merritt.

Scott Thompson Steps Down From F5 and Splunk Inc.

Scott Thompson’s not so subtle departure from Yahoo left some wondering if he in fact, does have health problems or just fabricated a clever excuse to sidestep allegations that he intentionally perpetuated the myth that he held a bachelors degree…