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Tag: spiders

Brown Recluse Infestation Leads to Lawsuits, Foreclosure
Imagine moving into a new home and having a spider problem. It’s a pest problem that many new homeowners have probably had to deal with. Now ima...
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Brown Recluse Spiders Take Over Missouri Home
Exterminators had to take the most extreme measures possible to fumigate a home that was said to have approximately 5,000 venomous brown recluse spide...
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‘Bound by Flame’ Launch Date Announced
Spiders Studios today announced that Bound by Flame will be released on May 9. On that date the game will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, ...
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Mark Zuckerberg Uses Jelly To Ask About A Spider In His Shower
Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is using Jelly, the new social Q&A app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. He used it over the weekend to take a pictur...
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Jennifer Lawrence’s Fear Factor
Jennifer Lawrence may play the tough girl on film, but in real life she is scared to death of spiders. Lawrence has revealed that she started crying a...
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Spiders Shut Down British School
A school in England has been shut down due to an infestation of “false widow” spiders, the most poisonous British arachnid. The spiders, w...
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Toyota Recall: Are Spiders Really to Blame ?
Toyota has issued an official recall for approximately 803,000 vehicles. The recall is specifically for the 2012 and 2013 models of the Toyota Camry H...
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New ‘Big Ass Spider’ Trailer Released
It’s nearly October, and studios are readying their chosen horror flicks for the Halloween movie season (the rest get dumped on theaters in Febr...
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Here’s The 3D Printed Robot Spider Of Your Nightmares
It was really only a matter of time, right? Robugtix has revealed the newest member of its robot bug family – the T8. It’s a robot spider ...
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Weather Girl Has Totally Appropriate Reaction to a Giant On-Screen Spider
When I was a kid, I loved nature books. But there was one problem with the larger-than-life photographic representations in the arachnid section ̵...
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The YouTube Space Spider That Just Returned To Earth Is Already Dead
A few days ago, we told you about the jumping spider that YouTube helped send to space. It was part of one of the winning projects from the YouTube Sp...
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YouTube Space Lab’s Space-Traveling Jumping Spider Is Back On Earth
Last year, YouTube and Lenovo kicked off the YouTube Space Lab experiment, inviting teenagers around the world to have an experiment performed in spac...
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Cure Your Fear Of Spiders With Sleep
You’re probably afraid of spiders. You may argue that it’s a perfectly rational fear, but it’s strictly irrational unless your’...
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Enormous Golden Orb Spider Devouring A Snake Is A Giant Dose of NOPE
Australia, you simply scare the sh*t out of me. Seriously, every time I see some freakishly terrifying creature pop up on the interwebs, it’s fr...
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Ticks And Spiders: Early Spring Triggers Hatching
Many states have experienced a shockingly mild winter this year, and Spring popped in towing record-setting warm weather with it. Because of the unexp...
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Google Announces Space Lab winners
Google today announced the winners of its YouTube Space Lab competition. The competition challenged high school students to design experiments that co...
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Spiders Invade Australian Countryside
Thousands of spiders have descended upon Wagga Wagga, Australia, seeking refuge from floodwaters. Eerie spider webs resembling snow drifts were report...
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The Science of Spider Webs
Arachnophobia; the fear of spiders. Most people are afraid of these little guys for varying reasons; some are poisonous and some are just creepy looki...
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How Many Spiders Does Google Have?
Google has posted a short but interesting video to its Webmaster Cen...
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