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Tag: SOPA Blackout

Reddit Launches Bus Tour to “Promote the Open Internet”
Emboldened by the part it played in combating the SOPA legislation earlier this year with an “internet blackout,” Reddit has officially an...
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SOPA Blackout Day By The Numbers [Infographic]
Frugal Dad has put out an infographic breaking down SOPA blackout day (January 18) by the numbers. “The Wikipedia blackout was seen by 160 milli...
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SOPA Protests, Wikipedia Blackout Visualized Through Tweets
If you wanted to make the declarative statement “Last Wednesday’s internet SOPA / PIPA protests killed SOPA & PIPA,” there exis...
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“Father Of The Web” Tim Berners-Lee Comes Out Against SOPA / PIPA
The inventor of the World Wide Web has come out against SOPA and PIPA. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who created the World Wide Web in 1...
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SOPA / PIPA: Orrin Hatch Withdraws Support After Blackout
Yesterday’s SOPA blackout is turning out to be an amazingly effective protest. After angry internet users spent yesterday calling and emailing their...
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SOPA Tweets Top 2.4 Million On SOPA Blackout Day
Twitter didn’t go dark to protest SOPA / PIPA on Wednesday, although some thought they should. An argument against Twitter shutting off its serv...
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Google’s SOPA / PIPA Blackout Petition Generates 4.5 Million Signatures [UPDATE: 7 Million]
UPDATE: The figure is now well over 7 million, according to a Google+ post. Thank you to the more than 7 million of you in the U.S. that took the time...
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Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Take On SOPA Blackouts
Comedy Central’s late night duo took notice of yesterday’s SOPA Blackouts, as Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert’...
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Google Ends The 24 Hour SOPA / PIPA Blackout
As previously reported, Google had gone with a blacked out logo for the much publicized SOPA / PIPA Blackout Day. Users who visited Google during the ...
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Wikipedia Ends Their SOPA / PIPA Blackout
It’s been a cold and lonely place on the Internet over the past 24 hours. Wikipedia was in full blackout mode as they protested both SOPA / PIPA...
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SOPA: Vimeo Vid Explains SOPA/PIPA Simply
Online video sharing site Vimeo has created a very simple walk-through of SOPA/PIPA and the real story of how they work and what dangers they contain....
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SOPA Blackout: Reddit Co-Founder Discusses Blackout
Reddit co-counder Alexis Ohanion dropped by CNN’s newsroom today to discuss his website’s blackout in opposition to SOPA/PIPA. In the disc...
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SOPA Blackout: TorrentFreak ******s Its ******* In Protest
TorrentFreak is joining the, well, torrent of websites that are blacking out in protest of SOPA today. While some, like Wikipedia and Reddit, are blac...
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Porn Sites Black Out For SOPA
With so many sites down today to protest SOPA and PIPA, it’s safe to assume that many internet denizens will turn to other recreational sites to...
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SOPA Blackout: Twitter Shows Dangers Of A World Without Wikipedia
Did you know that Helen Keller was a military sniper and NASCAR driver? That reggae was invented in the 1880s by a drunken Irish bagpiper? That Abraha...
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SOPA Blackout: MoveOn.Org Joins Protest
Progressive political juggernaut, MoveOn.Org is blacked out in protest of the proposed SOPA/PIPA legislation. Their homepage now features this: (image...
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Wikipedia Blackout: How To Access Wikipedia, If You Really Really Really Have To
So you wake up this morning with a hankerin’ for some knowledge about Vladimir Putin’s early life, only to find that Wikipedia is down for...
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SOPA Blackout: The Oatmeal Shuts Down In Protest
Joining today’s blackout protests against SOPA/PIPA, The Oatmeal has shut down. Instead of the usual home page, visitors are greeted with an ani...
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Reddit Blackout To Protest SOPA Goes Live
Much to the chagrin of, well, most of the people on the internet I assume, reddit has officially begun their blackout in protest of SOPA and PIPA. Red...
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SOPA Blackout: SMBC Online Comic Joins Today’s Protests
Popular online comic “SMBC” joined the SOPA/PIPA protest blackout today. Rather than the usual front page, visitors were greeted with the ...
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