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Tag: sony hack

The Interview Has Made $31M Online, Still Won’t Break Even
If the metric of success for Sony regarding The Interview is recouping its money (which at this point it’s probably not), then the film will lik...
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‘The Interview’ Nabs $15M Online in First Weekend
Sony’s decision to release the now-controversial film The Interview online seems to have paid off – at least financially. According to the com...
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Idris Elba Tweets About 007; Rush Limbaugh Can Shut Up
Word on the street has been that Idris Elba could be tapped to play James Bond in the future. According to emails stolen in the recent big Sony Pictur...
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Amy Adams Cut From ‘Today’ Show Over Her Refusal to Discuss Sony Hack
Amy Adams’ appearance on the Today show was cancelled Monday after she refused to discuss the North Korean hack of Sony and the consequent fallo...
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North Korea Denies Sony Hack, Makes Threats
The point of North Korea’s lengthy, rambling denial of involvement in the recent Sony hacks is pretty clear – but the way they get to that poi...
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‘The Interview’: NYC Comedians Plan a Live Read ‘in the Name of Free Speech’
Who knows when you’ll get to see The Interview? Last week Sony execs decided to cave to vague, terroristic threats and postpone the release of t...
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Anonymous Takes Aim at North Korea After Sony Hack; George Clooney, Sean Penn Pile On
When Sony Pictures first found its email and other networked systems compromised, it looked like another hacker prank. Emails were leaked, unreleased ...
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Obama: Sony ‘Made a Mistake’ by Canceling The Interview
President Obama has officially weighed in on Sony’s decision to pull the new film The Interview, due to threats made by a hacker group which pre...
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FBI: North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack
According to the FBI the November hack of Sony Pictures, which led to the leak of tons of company data as well as influenced the company’s recen...
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Theater to Show ‘Team America: World Police’ in Lieu of ‘The Interview’
While it’s still up in the air whether or not the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy The Interview will ever see a theatrical release, we do know th...
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Ghostbusters 3: Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt Multi-Film Possibility?
While Ghostbusters 3 has been talked about for weeks, especially due to the possibility of an all-female Ghostbusters team, some leaked Sony emails ha...
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Amy Pascal May Be On the Chopping Block at Sony Over Hacks and Leaks
Amy Pascal of Sony has found herself in the hot-seat lately over hacks and leaks out of her company. While the hacking of copies of entire films is on...
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