Add Your Google+ Circles to Results in Google Search, Bing, IMDB, Wikipedia, eBay and More

We’ve written about Wajam a few times. It’s a social search tool that you can add as a browser extension, which displays results from your social networks at the top of Google or Bing search results. For example, I can…

Microsoft Doing Something Else with Social Search (Internally)

What looked like the beginning of a social search engine from Microsoft was spotted at Fusible discovered that Microsoft owns the domain, visited the URL, and was greeted by a landing page for something called Tulalip. The screen…

Social Search Is A Matter Of Trust Not Technology

There’s been a lot of commotion recently about the integration of social signals into the search results of both Bing and Google. Bing has the upper hand with those signals coming from Facebook while Google is still Google, and is…

SERP Alert: Google Social Search Goes Global

Google announced via its new official Search Blog that it is rolling out Social Search around the globe. This comes just days after Bing upped the ante in the social search game by integrating Facebook data in much more elaborate…

Do Bing’s New Facebook Features Make it a Better Search Engine Than Google?

Bing has been steadily increasing its integration with Facebook, and while that’s likely far from over, they’ve launched some significant new features. We’ve written plenty about social search in the past, and from the comments we’ve received, it’s clear that…

Bing Teams Up With Facebook for Personalized Results

Today, Microsoft’s search engine has announced that its “decision engine” will now be influenced by what they are calling the “friend effect,” basically what is popular with one’s Facebook friends. If you log into Facebook through Bing, you will now…

Social Search – Blekko’s More Aggressive Approach

It’s no secret that search and social are overlapping more and more. In fact, Ted Ulle of Converseon told us last year that he believed the two would eventually unite and be called something like, integrated media marketing, or IMM.

Bing Spreads Facebook “Liked Results”

People who use both Facebook and Bing should soon become more familiar than ever with the concept of "social search."  The integration of Facebook "Likes" into Bing’s results is continuing so that searchers can see which sites have earned their friends’ approval.

Facebook Continues to Improve in Search

I wrote an article a couple months ago, asking: What if Facebook goes search while Google struggles to go social? I looked at some of the things Facebook has done related to search, and made the case that the social networking giant has a lot of potential for becoming a bigger player in search in general. 

Wajam Makes Google and Bing Results More Relevant

Personalization is one of the key components of search relevancy. It’s not the only component (Google uses over 200 signals for a reason), but it’s a pretty big component. If results are tailored to you specifically, there’s a good chance they will often provide relevance to you. One of the best ways to achieve personalization through search is to get you results based on your established connections with other people. Google knows this. This is why Google is putting more emphasis on social search.