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Tag: Smartphone Shipments

New iPhones to Drive Record Smartphone Shipments
The incredible smartphone market growth seen over the past seven years has begun to slow, but sales of the devices are still increasing. Major tech ma...
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Lenovo Could Overtake LG in the Smartphone Market
For years now the smartphone market has largely been largely dominated by Apple and Samsung. Apple has set trends for the high-end market and Samsung ...
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Over Half of Mobile Phones Will Come From China Next Year
The mobile industry, including the smartphone segment, has begun to in established markets begins. Device manufacturers are now focusing on emerging m...
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Windows Phone Leads BlackBerry in Latest Smartphone Numbers
Holiday season 2013 capped off another record year for tablet shipments, but market watchers are now beginning to see the rapid growth of the smartpho...
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Smartphone Growth to Slow Significantly in Coming Years
Since the debut of the first iPhone the smartphone market has been bursting with growth. The entire mobile device industry has grown at an astonishing...
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Smartphones Outsold Feature Phones Last Year
Though feature phones have passed out of style in western markets, the low-cost devices are still very popular in many parts of the world. Even that i...
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Windows Phone Grew 69% Last Year
Microsoft was late to the smartphone game. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer himself laughed at the iPhone when it was released, calling attention to what h...
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Google-less Android Smartphone Segment Growing
The openness of Google’s Android platform has been both a blessing and a curse for the mobile industry. The software is free for manufacturers t...
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Smartphone Shipments Hit 1 Billion in 2013
Though the tablet market grew at a stunning pace last year, the smartphone market is still finding new customers and growing at a steady pace. Market ...
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Large-Smartphone Market to Continue Growth
Though it seems smartphone sizes may have topped out in the 6-inch range, it appears that consumers are still eager for large smartphone screen sizes....
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Smartphone Shipments to Hit 1.2 Billion This Year
As established markets begin to saturate, smartphone manufacturers are now facing more intense competition than ever before. Though Apple and Samsung ...
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Device Sales Forecast to Hit 2.5 Billion This Year
With IT spending once again on the rise, tech manufacturers are optimistic about their device sales in the coming year. Market research firm Gartner t...
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Average Smartphone Prices Now Dropping
Along with tablets, smartphones are expected once again to be a hot holiday shopping item. Though some market watchers believe smartphone sales are be...
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Smartphone Shipments to Hit 1.8 Billion by 2017
Earlier this month it was revealed that smartphones now make up over half of mobile phone sales worldwide. That trend is set to continue, with smartph...
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Smartphones Now Make Up Over Half of Mobile Phone Sales
Smartphones have dominated mobile phone sales in developed markets for the past few years, and now the global market is catching up. Now, it appears t...
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Android Now On 81% of New Smartphones
Though Apple’s iPhone continues to be the most sought-after mobile device in developed markets, Google’s Android platform now firmly domin...
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Windows Smartphone Shipments Growing Fast
Six years on from the release of the original iPhone, the smartphone market is maturing. Apple is still at the top of the heap, and Samsung is quickly...
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Smartphone Market Grew 39% During Third Quarter
Though the fast-growing tablet market seems to be getting all of the headlines going into the holiday season, smartphone sales are still growing more ...
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IT Industry Grows in 2013, Despite PC Declines
For over one year now, the PC market has taken a beating. Monthly and quarterly reports all show a story of the declining PC market. That doesn’...
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1.8 Billion Mobile Phones to Ship This Year
With smartphones now saturating their western markets and emerging markets such as Brazil and China opening up for mobile growth, the entire mobile ph...
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