Court Ruling Spells the End of Locast

Lowcast has informed subscribers it will be ending its service following an unfavorable court ruling.

AT&T Getting Serious About Selling DirecTV, Fielding Offers

AT&T is reportedly fielding offers to sell its DirecTV satellite service, as the service shrinks due to the rise of streaming options.

T-Mobile TVision Giving Customers 30+ Free Channels

T-Mobile informed TVision subscribers they will be receiving 30+ channels, normally part of the Vibe plan, for free.

Walmart and Comcast May Partner On Smart TVs

Walmart and Comcast are in talks to partner on smart TVs running Comcast’s software.

Philo Now An Option For Google Fiber Users

Google Fiber has been going all-in on streaming services, offing them exclusively as part of its bundled options, with Philo joining the mix.

FaceBank Group and fuboTV Merging

FaceBank Group has announced a definitive agreement to merge with streaming TV provider fubtoTV.

Judge Sides With Cable Companies Over Maine’s Cable Law

Comcast and a coalition of cable companies scored a win in Maine, with a judge granting an injunction against a law that would require cable companies to offer à la carte services. According to Ars Technica, Maine passed the first…

Sling Adds Chromecast Support

Google’s inexpensive Chromecast device keeps getting better and better, and it’s mostly not even by Google’s own hands (though the recent launch of screen mirroring was pretty big). More third-party apps continue to offer support, and today the device gets…