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Tag: slender man

Slender Man Teens Will Be Tried As Adults
Slender Man does not even exist. Yet the urban legend created from whole cloth is making headlines still. It’s been over a year since Anissa Wei...
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Slender Man Attackers Hear from the Judge
Slender Man supposedly stalks you for a while before he attacks. The scary-as-hell character is said to observe from a distance, driving his planned v...
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Slender Man Stabbing Suspects Make Chilling Statements About The Night They Tried To Kill Their Friend
Slender Man is a fictional online character, but he was very real to the two girls who tried to kill their friend to prove his existence. In hours of ...
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Slender Man Stabbing Teens Found Competent to Stand Trial
The Slender Man phenomenon has been a harmless bit of fictional horror for most people. The character was created when a contest was held on an Intern...
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Slender Man Stabbing Trial Delayed
An attorney for one of the defendants charged with stabbing a classmate to appease the fictional internet entity The Slender Man, argued Tuesday in co...
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‘Slender Man’ Stabbing Suspect Fit to Stand Trial
One of two adolescents charged with stabbing a classmate to appease the fictional internet entity The Slender Man, has been deemed fit to stand trial,...
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12-Year-Olds Stabbing: Friends Did It For Slender Man
A 12-year-old girl was stabbed 19 times by two of her friends who claim that they did it in order to show their dedication to and obtain the approval ...
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12-Year Old Stabbing Suspects Wanted To Appease “Slender Man”
12-year old stabbing suspects in Waukesha, Wisconsin now face up to sixty years in prison if convicted of first-degree attempted murder after they lur...
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Slender Man Story Leads To Two Girls Stabbing Their Friend 19 Times
On Monday, two 12-year-old girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin were charged as adults for the attempted first-degree intentional homicide of another 12-yea...
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12-Year-Old Slender Man Devotees Stab Girl 19 Times
Two twelve-year-old Waukesha, Wisconsin girls have been charged as adults with attempted murder after stabbing a classmate 19 times in an attempt to a...
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