Google Wants You To Use Sitelinks With Your AdWords Ads

Google announced today that it is adding sitelinks to the Opportunities tab in AdWords. The Opportunities tab shows advertisers ways they can improve their campaigns as Google detects them. The company describes the tool as a personal assistant who can…

Google Enhanced Ad Sitelinks Launched For AdWords

Google announced the launch of enhanced ad sitelinks, which the company calls its “strongest performing experiments.” Google says that on average, clickthrough rates are 30% higher for ads with sitelinks, compared to ads without. On the Inside AdWords blog, Google…

Google Turns Your Friends Into Sitelinks for Some Queries

Google has added social sitelinks to some search results. This means that for some social-related queries, you may see results for your own personal social connections as sitelinks underneath the main result. 

Google Makes Sitelinks Available in All AdWords Campaigns

Google has launched Ad Sitelinks for all AdWords campaigns. The feature was made available late last year for advertisers’ top performing ads, but is now available via a one-line format for all campaigns.

Google says advertisers who have used the format in the past have experienced big gains, and have boosted clickthrough rates by over 30% (on average).

Google AdWords Sitelinks