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Kelly Slater Says Shark Was Spotted Hours Before Mick Fanning’s Attack
Kelly Slater is saying his friend “clearly” saw a shark in the water several hours before Mick Fanning was attacked. Ever since Fanning wa...
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Kelly Slater: Pro-Surfer Watches Friend Get Attacked By Shark At JBay Open
Coco Beach’s Kelly Slater was left in shock when he saw his good friend, Mick Fanning, get attacked by a large shark during the JBay Open at Jef...
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Shark Attack Data Offers Safety Tips
George Burgess, director of the Florida Program of Shark Research and keeper of the International Shark Attack File, has combed through incident data ...
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Shark Attack Victim Describes Getting Chewed
Poor Steven Robles was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Robles is a long-distance swimmer who was enjoying himself near Manhattan Beach, Cal...
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Great White Shark Bites Man Off California Beach
A great white shark attacked a man as he was swimming off of Manhattan Beach in southern California Saturday. The 7-foot-long juvenile great white was...
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Shark Attacks On The Rise, How To Avoid Being Lunch
A shark “attack” off the coast of Galveston has refocused attention on information concerning a rising shark population and the chances of...
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Delaware Shark Bite: 16-Year-Old Boy Attacked
A 16-year-old boy was attacked by a shark on Monday night at the Cape Henlopen State Park in Sussex County, Delaware. According to reports, the boy wa...
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Delaware Shark Bite: Locals Startled By Rare Attack
Shark attack. If there were ever two words that could terrify a person into living a landlocked existence, it would be those. The level of fear that s...
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Shark Attack Victim Speaks About Her Ordeal
A woman who had a chunk of her calf bitten off by a shark off the coast of Florida earlier this month shared her experience of the attack Friday. Amy ...
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Shark Attack Victim Describes Ordeal
A shark attack is every swimmer and surfer’s worst nightmare and in spite of the fact that shark attacks are incredibly rare, it seems like ther...
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Shark Attack Victim’s Husband Speaks About Incident
Rob Armstrong knew something was wrong. A bird came out of nowhere and swooped down on him, almost as if it were trying to warn him of the grave dange...
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Australian Shark Attack Kills Woman
A shark attack in Australia has left a woman dead. The woman was swimming with a group of friends near the village of Tathra when she decided to try t...
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California Man Bitten by Shark While Surfing
45-year-old College English teacher and weekend surfer, Jay Scrivner of Eureka, California is one lucky wave rider. Jay had been surfing for about two...
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Maui Shark Attack Causes Woman to Lose Arm
When a German visitor went snorkeling at Palauea Beach in Maui, she never thought that she would be the next person to fall victim to a shark attack. ...
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Maui Shark Attacks: 2 Victims Reported In One Week
Maui is a lovely, tranquil place that seems like home no matter where you’re from; largely known as a honeymoon destination, it’s also a w...
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Pacifica Shark Attacks Fisherman In Kayak
A great white shark attacked a fisherman off the coast of California Tuesday afternoon. Micah Flanaburg was fishing in a kayak with his father-in-law ...
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Shark Attacks Teen In Texas Waters
A 15-year old boy was attacked by a shark off the Texas Gulf coast on Monday afternoon while swimming with his church group. The boy was swimming in w...
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Maui Shark Attack Leaves Woman Injured
Maui is a beautiful vacation destination for tourists from around the world. The beaches are the main reason to visit, but one beach in particular was...
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Kayak Shark Attack: California Man Bullied by Great White
Kayak shark attacks are apparently frequent enough to prompt someone to write an exceptionally helpful article about what you’re supposed to do ...
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Mother Saves Daughter from Shark
In one of a series of recent attacks in Florida as of late, a mother fought off a shark that was attacking her daughter, minutes after a surfer was at...
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