Schneider Electric Unveils Rack Mounted Cooling Solution

Schneider Electric has announced the release of the Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling Solution, specifically aimed at edge computing and micro data centers.

California DMV Grants Uber Permit to Test Self-Driving Cars

The California DMV has granted Uber a permit to test its vehicles on California roads, according to The Mercury News. Self-driving cars are increasingly seen as a way for Uber to deal with regulation that threatens how it does business.…

U.S. Government Looks To Restrict Exports Of AI, Quantum Computing And Self-Driving Tech

According to The Washington Post, the Trump administration has floated a proposal that would limit high-tech exports to China. Under the proposal, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, quantum computing, image recognition and self-driving tech would all be prohibited from being exported…

Uber Buys 596 Acres Near Pittsburg For Self-Driving Test Track

Business Insider is reporting Uber has purchased 596 acres near Pittsburg to establish a test track for self-driving cars. Uber has been in the news a lot lately, and not all of it good. The company recently released a safety…

We Built the Data Platform For AI To Enable Safe Self-Driving Cars, Says Scale AI CEO

“What we’ve done at Scale is built the data platform for AI,” says Scale AI’s 22-year-old CEO, Alexandr Wang. “AI is really built on top of data and these algorithms require billions and billions of examples of labeled data to be able to perform in a safe or reliable way. Then they use the data to build their self-driving cars.”

Walmart Testing Self-Driving Delivery Vans, Says Gatik AI CEO

“Our partnership with Walmart is a huge validation that commercialization and scalability of autonomous vehicles will happen in the B2B short or logistic space,” says Gatik AI CEO Guatam Narang. “Our autonomous vehicles will be moving goods for Walmart from one of their dock stores to their neighborhood markets in Bentonville, Arkansas.”

Aurora is Democratizing Transportation, Says CEO

Aurora CEO Chris Urmson says that there is this amazing opportunity to go and take the next step in democratizing transportation. Aurora, an independent autonomous vehicle technology startup, has secured over $530 million in funding led by Sequoia, Amazon, and T. Rowe Price.

Apple Car Coming in 2019, Per Report

Apple is turning up the heat on its automotive goals, and you can expect the first electric Apple car to ship in 2019. That’s the word from the Wall Street Journal, which quotes the ubiquitous people familiar with the matter.…

Uber Sets Up Another Hub for Self-Driving Car Research

Uber is setting up another hub for self-driving car research. This one’s at the University of Arizona. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Uber, and the college announced the initiative on Tuesday. “Through the statement of intent that we signed today, Uber…

Google Self-Driving Cars “Being Hit Surprisingly Often”

Google’s self-driving cars are getting into accidents – but it’s not their fault. Instead it’s human drivers, distracted by their iPhones and such, that keep running into Google’s autonomous vehicles. At least that’s what Google’s Chris Urmson has to day.…