Yahoo Teasing a Search Engine Return

Yahoo is teasing a return to the search engine market years after abandoning it to Google and Microsoft.

Google Brings Back Validate Fix Button in Search Console

Google has brought back the validate fix button in its Google Search Console after it disabled it earlier this month for upgrades.

Google Local Search Ads Will Now Require Five Reviews

Google is changing how Local Search Ads work, requiring five reviews for a listing instead of just one.

Microsoft Reverses Course, Will Allow (Some) Crypto Ads on Microsoft Ads

Microsoft has made a major change in its stance toward crypto, allowing some crypto ads on its Microsoft Ads platform.

Google Ads Error Impacting Video Pages in Google Ads Frontend

Google Ads is experiencing a major issue, one that is impacting access to Video pages in the Google Ads Frontend.

Some Users Can’t Access Google Search Console

Google appears to be having an issue with Search Console, as many users are reporting trouble accessing it.

Google Search Result Volatility Up Significantly in 2021

If it seems like your Google search results have been more volatile than normal you’re not alone, as Google’s results are far more volatile in 2021.

Google Has Completed Its July 2021 Core Update

Google has finished rolling out its July 2021 core update, following a June 2021 core update last month.

Microsoft Re-Launches Bing Site Explorer

Microsoft has announced the release of a revamped version of Site Explorer, including major new features.

Ecommerce Ad Spending Doubles As a Result of Coronavirus

While some industries may be reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, ecommerce ad spending is experiencing a boon.