Twitter, Wikipedia ‘Squatter’ Sites Fined For Posing As Twitter, Wikipedia

Typos happen. They’re inescapable if you use a computer. This is why keyboards come with a Delete key. Given then that typos are expected, it was inevitable that someone out in the internet would find a way to profit from…

Deactivate Facebook Timeline Scams Prey On Unhappy Users

Facebook’s new Timeline feature isn’t going away (I mean, did you see Mark Zuckerberg talk about it at f8 – he was absolutely giddy). And once you opt in to it, you can’t go back to the old profile format.…

Phony Craigslist Ads Lead To Murder Plot

Online classified site Craigslist, like most of the internet, has to ability to be a force for good in the world. Say you need a new dresser for your bedroom and there’s someone in your vicinity that needs to get…

Mortgage Scammers From Google Ads Get Shut Down

The Office of the Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) has shut down 85 online mortgage modification scams, and says it is cooperating with an ongoing criminal investigation regarding Google suspending ad relationships with 500 advertisers. “The…

FBI: Massive Fraudulent Online Ad Scheme Affected More Than 4 Million Computers

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan, at least 4 million computers in over 100 different countries fell victim to a giant fraud scheme that involved a sophisticated virus that manipulated search results and used online ads to generate…

FDA Warns Of Scam For People Who Buy Drugs Online

The Food and Drug Administration is warning people who have purchased drugs online about fraudsters posing as FDA agents or other law enforcement officials attempting to extort money.

Scammers Targeting Amazon Retailers With Fake Receipts

Cyber criminals are using a hacking program to create fake receipts for items sold through and its retail partners, in an effort to receive refunds or new products, according to security firm GFI Software.

“The free program available online allows scammers to create an HTML ‘receipt’ for phantom purchases,” said Christopher Boyd, senior threat researcher, GFI Software


PayPal Responds to iTunes Scam Issues

The other day, reports surfaced of scammers running up iTunes users’ tabs through PayPal. Apple said there was no vulnerability in its system, and some blamed users for being gullible and falling for phishing scams.

Don’t Click the Link for the Facebook “Dislike” Button

Many Facebook users have long awaited the arrival of a "dislike" button for status updates that they find dumb, repulsive, or just annoying. If you happen to see someone on the social network claiming to have found one, however, don’t buy it. It’s a scam.

FTC Goes After Acai Berry Internet Marketers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said today, a U.S. district court has ordered the marketers of acai berry supplements and other products to stop an Internet sales scheme that allegedly scammed people out of $30 million or more in 2009 through deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices.

The FTC says since 2007, victimized consumers have flooded law enforcement agencies and the Better Business Bureau with more than 2,800 complaints about the company Central Coast Nutraceuticals (CCN).