Google and SAP Partner on Geo-Mapping

Google and SAP announced a partnership today at the AlwaysOn Summit. This will allow customers to pair SAP enterprise analytics with Google Maps and Google Earth in what the companies call an “industry-first collaboration to help customers tackle ‘big data’…

Verdict: SAP to Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion

Oracle is reportedly being awarded $1.3 Billion from SAP, as the result of a jury’s verdict following an 11-day trial. The case dates back to 2007 when Orcale sued SAP for illegal downloading of its software for resale to Oracle customers, by TommorowNow, a company SAP acquired in 2005. 

HP Taps SAP for CEO Position

HP named Léo Apotheker, formerly CEO of SAP, as its new CEO to replace the recently ousted Mark Hurd. Apotheker will also join HP’s Board of Directors.