Should The Senate Pass Online Sales Tax Legislation? [Updated]

Update: It passed. Currently in the U.S., state governments are only obligated to collect sales taxes from online retailers that are based in their own states. If an online sales tax bill makes it to law, states could collect from…

Amazon Will Eventually Pay Online Sales Tax, Says Analyst

It has been an interesting few weeks for retailers, both online and offline, in the state of California due to the new law requiring online retailers to pay taxes on their affiliate advertising. In response, ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Overstock shut down their affiliate programs in the state, which did not go over very well.

Amazon Attempts Sales Tax Workaround in Texas

The debate regarding the way does its online business has been going on for some time now. The major point of contention has been the fact that for years, Amazon has been able to sell and ship goods across…

NetChoice Voices Opposition To Online Retail Tax

Representative Paul Hodes (D-NH) introduced today a bipartisan resolution to protect online out-of-state sellers from having to collect taxes in states where they have no physical presence.

The resolution (H.R. 1570) "Supporting the Preservation of Internet Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses," says that Congress should not impose unfair tax collection burdens that would hurt the U.S. economy and consumers.