Safari User Sues Google Over Privacy Snafu

We previously reported that Google has hit a bit of rough spot due to allegations that the search giant exploited a loophole in Apple’s Safari browser to track users. It seems that Safari users want to get in on the…

The Browser Trends Continue

Which browser is the most popular in terms of users? Well, that title remains in the Internet Explorer camp, but, continuing a trend that began when Firefox introduced tabbed browsing to the world, IE is continuing to fall, while Google…

Internet Explorer Market Share Continues to Decrease

While it’s still more popular than the other browsers combined, the fact that Internet Explorer’s market share has fallen under the 50 percent mark is an eye-opening event. This marks the first time IE has ever been reduced to under…

Firefox For Android Tablets Rears its Head

While it’s certainly not ready for prime time, the developers at Mozilla have offered something of a beta test/sneak peak at their upcoming Firefox build for various tablets. Found in the Firefox Nightly build testing section of Mozilla, the program…

In The Browser Race, Google Chrome Is The Fastest

Take that, Mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, and Apple. Google’s kicking your butt when it comes to making the fastest browser in terms of real-world use. OK, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the gist: Over at Compuware, the benchmark…

Google Tweaks Gmail for iPhone and iPod Touch

Google has been rolling out new features for Gmail in mobile Safari for the iPhone. They’ve sped up scrolling to reflect the speed of the swipe gesture, and the toolbars stay on the screen while the user is scrolling, as opposed to moving down into view after each scroll. 

Apple Packs New Version of Safari with Extensions

Apple released the latest version of its Safari web browser today, version 5.0.1. The release comes with Safari Extensions and the Safari Extensions Gallery.

While extensions became available in Safari 5 lat month for developers, the gallery makes them available to users. A few organizations that have already created extensions for the browser include: Amazon, Bing, Major League Baseball, the New York Times, and Twitter.

Chrome Edges Safari In The U.S.

Google’s Chrome browser has overtaken Apple’s Safari in the U.S. for the first time on a weekly basis according to StatCounter.

The company says for the week beginning June 21 Chrome surpassed Safari to claim third place in the U.S. browser market.

"This is quite a coup for Google as they have gone from zero to almost 10% of the US market in under two years," said Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.